Adam Jones Barraged With Racial Prejudice From Some Fans At Fenway Park Last Night

It’s no secret our country isn’t perfect, nor close to it. We still do have racial problems and prejudices that exist today, some even experience this on a daily basis. Monday night Orioles center fielder Adam Jones was subject to racial prejudice by fans at Fenway. Jones claims fans called him racial slurs including the “n-word” and even had someone throw a bag of peanuts at him. Jones responded with calling the fan pathetic.

It should be stated that Jones was also subject to racial injustices before in his tenure with the MLB. In 2013, a Giant fan threw a banana at him. Jones has referred to baseball as a “white man’s sport”. It’s hard to argue that too considering there are only 62 African American’s in the MLB today and diminishing. This is the last thing our country, the game of baseball, and most importantly Adam Jones needs or deserves.

If you don’t cringe out of pure disgust of hearing this story then goddammit there’s something fucking wrong with you. If you dare question his validity in this, then there’s something even more wrong with you. Race is a touchy subject, I am not an African American nor know what if feels like to be one. But I do know this is beyond wrong in every sense of the word and can not be tolerated. We, as a nation, of every race need to stand up against racism and severely reprimand those who place a prejudice on someone and endanger the morals and beliefs that this country stands for. Adam Jones know that you are not alone.

Jones has received support from numerous parties such as other baseball players, the Boston organization, and even Boston fans. Outfielder Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sex showed his support with his tweet.

It’s nice to see Bostonians showing their support for Adam and apologizing on behalf of their ill-minded and pathetic fellow “fans” of Boston. It’s a shame the actions of a select few ruin the reputation for the whole. This is also wrong. Jones heard that there were “59 or 60 ejections” from Fenway that night. Now I don’t know how many were because of racial prejudice, but for those who did, I would like to say a big FUCK YOU on behalf of our country and Adam to them.

Those fans should not only be kicked out but banned for life. Maybe you may see this as a little harsh but you have to set the example that racism is intolerable and will not be seen or heard in MLB parks. It’s great the support that the Red Sox organization has shown and the apology is a nice gesture, but now is the real test. Actions speak louder than words. If the park does not take further actions against these cowards then all the support means nothing and they are simply cowardly sheep as well. The person who threw the peanuts should not only be criminally charged but fined by the park for endangering the players’ safety and for invoking a potential riot. The clock is ticking Fenway, do the right thing, stand up for what is right.

Social trailblazers such as Jackie Robinson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated their lives to fighting social injustices like these. Situations like this are terrible but bring light that there is still much work to do. It’s imperative to remember this does not reflect the ideals of Boston or their fans. Boston has some of the best and most zealous fans in the country and always has. A few assholes exacerbated what should have been a great night of baseball. I ask us, let us not castrate all Boston fans with the same brush out of spite or animosity. Instead rightfully persecute those radicals to the fullest extent to show that we will not be bystanders in the battle against prejudice and racism and help mitigate the problem.

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