Bernard Tomic Is Getting Destroyed For Spitting Some Cold Hard Truth To The Tennis World


What an answer! All everyone ever says is they want honesty out of their athletes. They want them to just admit they chase the money. Admit they don’t really care if they don’t win a championship, don’t act like they’re so morally high when behind closed doors they’re every bit of asshole the rest of us are.

Finally, a hero by the name of Bernard Tomic, flat out says it in the most honest voice ever and he gets KILLED for it. All the huge talking Tennis heads are taking him to the cleaners over this. It doesn’t help that he said all of this at Wimbledon, basically the Mecca of Tennis, but the truth is the truth.

The guy is up there being as honest as can be, he’s saying the same things that almost every huge name tennis star has said at some point in the past. Andre Aggasi and Stephie Graph, yea both despised tennis. Roger Federer, same. Even the beloved Serena Williams has gone on the record saying she doesn’t enjoy tennis. It’s a grueling sport that requires year-round training and for most stars, it’s been their ENTIRE life for their entire life. There are no days off in tennis. It might be a country club sport to some, but it requires almost unmatched time dedication. So you’re forced to do something your whole life that you don’t particularly enjoy all the time, and you don’t always like it now? Gee ya fucking think?

Bernard Tomic is young and successful and he knows that his tennis abilities are the way to keep food on the table, no different than anyone else, its work. Some see it as a sport they love and an easy life as a pro athlete, but if you don’t enjoy something then it sucks. I have a ton of friends in finance and they eat that shit up. Talking about stocks all day like they’re the next Jordan Belfort. They love it and kudos to them. To others that job seems like a nightmare, absolutely dreadful. Same goes for Bernard.

Keep it up Bernard, go get your paycheck and don’t listen to the haters. retire early and travel and live the way you want. You were blessed with the ability, you put in the work, it’s your choice to manage it however you please. And you shouldn’t ever be dogged for doing that, let alone SAYING it, especially when that’s all that we ask for.

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