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Bleacher Fan’s Full Guide To Betting The Sweet 16

If you happened to tail Bleacher Fan’s picks in the first round, then you already know, we fucking killed it. We went 18-8-2 in the 28 games we picked. Seriously, go take a look. Check the dates, the scores all you want. No bullshit here. No pricetag. Just straight quality winners all for free to the…

The Bleacher Fan Sports Bloggers Official Bracket Challenge

Well, it’s that time of year again. Everyone’s talking shit about shit they really don’t know shit about, which inevitably causes their bracket to go to shit. So naturally our crew of our bloggers had to participate in the shit talking and what’s the point of playing if you can’t keep score? Did a contest even…

Comeback of Cs Picks 3/9/17 NCAAB

Conference Tourneys are here! Here is my first edition of Cs picks for the Conf Tourneys WVU-10.5 against Texas Butler -6.5 against Xavier Lamar +2 against SF Austin Baylor -4.5 against Kstate Arizona -8 against Colorado Ole Miss -6.5 CSU -7.5  

C’s Bleachers to Brackets Thurs 2/16 NCAAB Picks

Coming in hot this year 12-4 on the season. Had a 3-2 record yesterday here are my picks for Thursday Feb 16th Arizona -14 at Washington State. Arizona is going to win this in easy fashion. Washington State defense is no match for the Wildcat offense. Colorado -11 at Oregon State. Oregon State is absolute…