Chad Johnson Claims He Knows Where LeBron Is Signing, But I’m Not Falling For That One Again

And here we go again. Another Ocho Cinco tweet about the upcoming destination of Lebron James. Obviously, when this came out earlier today this was kind set the internet ablaze. I for one am not falling for that trick again. Back in 2010 the day before “The Decision” Chad Johnson decided to tweet this…

Literally, 18 hours before Lebron announced he was taking his talents to South Beach. At the time Ocho had credibility. Always a guy in with other famous athletes. Was huge in the NFL at the time and always seemed to just be around that crowd. He was someone, at the time, given all of this, should have been a reliable source. But nope, he got burned hard. He wasn’t the only one though. Jared Dudley and even the New York Daily News reported Lebron was set to sign with the Knicks. Since “The Decision” a number of insider sources out of Madison Square Garden have indicated that Lebron was indeed prepared to sign with the Knicks, of which there is evidence to support these claims, but as he himself stated during “The Decision” Lebron changed his mind early that morning after speaking with family and friends.

So although Ocho may have gotten correct info at the time, you simply cannot miss on that. We’re talking the most hyped up announcement in NBA history. The best player of a generation was legitimately prepared to leave his hometown team. Every reporter this side of the Atlantic ocean was trying to break this news.

Ocho just couldn’t help it. He had to be the one to get out front of it. And it killed his credibility. Anyone who’s anyone and followed the 2010 Free Agency saga remembers this tweet. It was just a Twitter was really becoming a household thing. Now after hitting the entire 212 area code with the Honeydick of a lifetime, Ocho is here to do the same thing to the 310. This time his prediction for Lebron is a little more well known. Lebron’s going to the Lakers. Like he just is. There’s no logical reason on or off the court to seriously consider any other team…for now. But for Ocho to bump it up and say Paul George and Russell Westbrook are on their way too? Just to make that possible it would take some wheeling and dealing from the Lakers and some illegal planning maneuvering on the player’s side

Ocho does cover his ass with the “Maybe” and “More details to come…” Spoiler alert, they never came. Overall real bold statement regarding a huge decision and piece of information, this time not the day before, but 10 months in advance! Risky move by Chad Johnson. One strike that big is enough to become the boy who cried wolf. So forgive me if I’m calling bullshit on Chad Johnson here.

I also don’t appreciate the wishy-washy words. If you’re gonna make statements like that, then make the statement. If you’re gonna act like these players are your boys and trust you with information who they trust with no one else, then you better be 1000% correct with that information. And if you’re gonna say you’ll “follow up with more details” and then nonchalantly drop in that you’re playing FIFA with Paul George, then you better give the people the more details you promised them. All of it is such a painful try hard look. So I got only one thing to say to this Chad Johnson…

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