Charles Barley Said Michael Jordan Once Bet An ABSURD Amount Of Money On A Single Putt

Watch out, Phil Mickelson. This money match might put yours to shame.

Former NBA star Charles Barkley told Dan Patrick that when it comes to golf, his friend Michael Jordan has laid some serious cash on the line.

“Why would you play golf if you don’t play it for money?” Barkley asked before launching into this great story from an expensive round with His Airness.

“We’d be playing golf with certain people, for a couple hundred dollars a hole, nothing big, and he’d be playing some guy for $100,000,” Barkley said of Jordan. “He’s like, ‘Charles, pick that up.’ I’m like, ‘This putt is for $200.’ He’s like, ‘Pick that up, Charles, get out of my way, you’re in my line.’ I’m like, ‘How much is that putt for?’ He’s like, ‘$300,000.’ I said, ‘Let me get out of your line.’ It was crazy man.” Via


Is there anything better than Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan gambling stories from back in the day? It seems like Chuck lets one leak every couple of months now and every time I feel like a new round of the Fappening just dropped. They are always so good. Sometimes they’re short, sometimes they’re filled with detail. This one was more on the short side. Imagine what it was like gambling and partying with MJ and Chuck back then? Two degenerate gamblers with all the money and power at their disposal? Talk about wanting to be a fly on the wall for those parties.

Mike and Chuck gambled so much, Jordan got banned from the NBA “retired to play baseball” for a year and Barkley reportedly had outstanding debt at a number of vegas casino’s constantly throughout his career and post-career. These two guys will gamble on anything anywhere for any amount of money.

This particular bet though, this was a great one. Barkley has told stories before, as he eludes to, about $10k a putt, or $50k skins and whatnot, but $300K on ONE PUTT. That absurdity and I love ever bit of it. Just a complete GOAT move by MJ. Not even Chuck knew what to do. His biggest gambling buddy. Then again, Chuck doesn’t have Jordan money, not even close. With a swing like Chucks I can only imagine how much money MJ has robbed from him over the years. Has to be in the 7 figures.

MJ probably said $300k then closed his eyes and drained the putt, just cause he can.

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