Don’t Ever Count Out Lebron James

The NBA playoffs are almost halfway over and it has been the same headlines as the last two years and that is the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors dominating their respective conferences. Unless an insane upset happens in the conference finals which I doubt, the finals for the third year in a row it will be the Warriors and Cavs.

It will be a rubber match of a rivalry that has not disappointed. I will be the first one to say it I am a huge LeBron James and Kyrie Irving fan. I think LeBron is the best player of all time and Irving is one of the best point guards in the league. But I am no idiot either. The Warriors should win the finals this year. Any team with Durant, Curry, Thompson, and Green should win the finals every year.

If we’ve learned anything from the finals last year it’s that you should never count out LeBron James no matter who is on your team. It looked like the Warriors were going to cruise to a second straight NBA title and close the book on possibly the best season in NBA history. But then Draymond Green got suspended in game 5 and Klay Thompson said Lebron got “his feelings hurt” and the rest was history. LeBron and the rest of his crew went on to win three straight games and took home the NBA title. They won the Cavs their first title ever and became the first team ever to erase a 3-1 deficit in the NBA finals.

Fans around the world are wondering what will happen this year in the finals? Like I said before the Warriors should win in probably six or maybe seven games. But at the end of the day, the way I look at it is LeBron and the rest of his squad are in the Warriors head. You need to be just as tough mentally as you do physically to succeed in the NBA. Going into the Finals last year people were saying the Warriors first title was a fluke because they beat the Cavs without Irving and Love and still LeBron pushed them to six games. I personally think if Love and Irving played two years ago the Cavs would have beat them. Then they had LeBron against the ropes one game away from shutting everyone up and they couldn’t.

So what did the Warriors do? They added Kevin Durant who has been known to get outplayed by LeBron in every big game possible. Also not to mention the Cavs are a horrible matchup for the Warriors. Irving puts Curry on skates almost every time they play. Tristian Thompson usually dominates the glass. No one can guard LeBron on the Warriors and their bench can score with the Warriors bench.

This year’s finals isn’t going to come down to Curry vs. LeBron or the Cavs bench vs. Warriors bench. It is going to come down to Durant vs. Lebron and if the Warriors can become more mentally tough than last year. If Durant can finally out to play or at least score with LeBron the Warriors will win. Do I think they will? I don’t know because it is very hard to count out LeBron.

I think the Cavs once again will beat the Warriors in seven games. Durant will play well but LeBron will play better and Irving once again will be clutch when it matters the most. Also, Kevin Love will play great in this NBA finals. The odds are stacked against the Cavs just like it was when they were down 3-1 last year. Everyone just remember this, whenever you count out LeBron James he only rises to the challenge.

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