Eddie Lacy Gets Paid 55k For Being Slightly Less Obese

So since Eddie Lacy reported “underweight” to the Seahawks he received a 55k bonus. The bar was set at 255lbs and he came in at 253lbs. If that’s not ridiculous enough for you his contract consists of SEVEN weigh-ins in which he can earn $385,000.

“He looks awesome. He looks great. He’s huge. And he’s going to keep playing huge. He did a fantastic job. He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do.” Reading that quote it sounds a lot like Donald Trump to me I don’t know about you. But nope, that’s Seahawks head coach Pete Carrol.  So I guess Pete is a fan of having an obese running back that can give Amy Schumer a run for her money. Think I’m overexaggerating calling him “obese”? I know we have this PC culture where everyone’s feeling are hurt but we’re not about that here at Bleacher Fan. Lacy is 5″11 253lb giving him a BMI of 35 and putting him as a “very high health risk.” In other words, he’s fat as fuck.

Lacy’s so fat that his teammates could miss the whole film session if he walks past the screen out of hunger for more cake. If you’re personally fat and offended by this then by all means go to a gym and train so you can kick my ass. I do not feel bad for fat people, barring special cases, because I believe in accountability. I once was 5lbs overweight for my wrestling match the day before. You know what I did? I put on sweats ran and busted my fucking ass til the dogs came home. I trained like an animal because I knew if I was overweight I would be the one to blame and I would be letting my teammates down. They would hate me and deservedly so. Mind you me being “overweight” for me was 6″1 153lbs literally 100lbs less than Lacy and taller.

You just suck it the fuck up and grind, complaining will do nothing. Now we’re rewarding players with nearly a half a million dollars for being slightly LESS obese? Are you fucking shitting me? This is pathetic. There are people starving all over this world in fact 1/3 of our planet is dying of hunger and you’re getting paid to be slightly less obese? Fuck off dude, seriously. I get not everyone is skinny nor should they have to be. But to reward a professional athlete who is a lazy sack of shit for being slightly less fat is an embarrassment to the society we live in.

Logically I also don’t get this one. Pete is saying he likes him huge but he still has to weigh slightly less every month or two? Eddie Lacy is way more than 5, 10, or 15lbs overweight. Also, newsflash to the Seahwaks-If Lacy eats breakfast this morning he doesn’t make weight. No fucking shot. So he just put off eating and will be over 255lb after the weigh in you dumb fucks. Once again being a wrestler I know this, that’s what you do. The scale then straight to the food.

Whatever happened to having small quick elusive backs? Just because a couple big backs had some success we think this is the “new thing”? Well, it’s not and Eddie Lacy is going to be a joke this season. Pete Carroll and the Seahawks are also turning into a joke if it weren’t for Russel Wilson they would be in deep shit.

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