End The Night With The San Antonio Spurs Overcoming a 28 Point Deficit

Yes, somehow the San Antonio Spurs overcame a 28 point deficit Wednesday night to defeat the Sacremento Kings 114-104. Even won by ten, some cushion, that’s a 38 point turn around. Ah, it’s the Kings though right? Well yes, they are depleted, but they weren’t the only ones. The Spurs took the court without their two best players, MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard and four-time All-Star LaMacrus Aldridge.

Man, people better start taking both Kawhi and the Spurs seriously. Leonard or “the claw” as they call him, is the best defender in the NBA and is putting up 26.3ppg, ever so quietly, though. Leonard is currently the best two-way player in the NBA and you would have to be crazier than Ozzie Osbourne not to give him the MVP. The only problem is he doesn’t talk, players say they don’t even know what his voice sounds like. Never one to boast, he goes almost forgotten at times. Speak softly and carry a big stick, Teddy Roosevelt would be proud.

Now for the Spurs, after a heartless and lackluster performance by the Warriors, they are just 1.5 back of the Warriors. Yikes. Feel like it was just a week ago I said don’t worry the Warriors will be fine and then they went 2-3 without Durant. The Spurs are slithering up on them like a silent rattlesnake about to pounce on their foe. The Spurs just always seem to go under the radar. They are deep, they play defense, they pass the ball, and they have Greg Popovich. It’s almost like Pop is playing us all. Purposely creating noise with the media and taking the pressure off his players. I always want the Spurs to go away and become “too old” but they never do. If Durant doesn’t come back healthy and to his old form, we could be seeing the King versus the Claw in the Finals.

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