Former Lions CB Stanley Wilson Arrested While Naked, For The Third Time

Former Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson has been arrested while naked for a third time, after attempting to break into a house in Oregon on Saturday.

Police went to the Woodburn, Ore. home on Saturday after being told someone was making alarming statements. Arriving officers say Wilson emerged from a backyard shed and was naked. He was taken to Marion County Jail.

Wilson was shot by a homeowner in June during a similar naked break-in attempt in Portland, for which he was sentenced to 10 days in jail on Tuesday. He had no previous criminal record. Court records indicate Wilson had been battling drug abuse issues, including methamphetamines.

He was also arrested in January when he was found naked outside a separate residence in Portland.Police spokesman Jason Horton says he didn’t know if Wilson had a lawyer. No lawyer was included on his jail listing and the prosecutor’s office was closed Sunday.

Wilson, 34, played for the Lions from 2005 to 2007. His father, Stanley Wilson Sr., played for the Bengals from 1983 to 1988.

Sports Illustrated

There’s pretty much one common theme across all crimes. Someone committing crimes might not exactly be the type of people you want to spend thanksgiving dinner with, but someone who commits crimes NAKED? That’s one crazy SOB. You don’t mess with that level of crazy. That’s run and hide he might eat my face off cause he’s high on bath salts crazy. The lack of cares by someone who’s committing a crime is already heightened. for them to commit those crimes in their most vulnerable form, that’s a level of criminal I’m not ready to be introduced to.

Clearly, this has become a pattern for old Stanley. You’d think the bullet from the last one might have flipped a light on, but apparently not. I realize it says he’s been struggling with drug issues. I’ve seen people with drug issues, we’ve all seen ex-NFL players with drug issues. The one common theme there? All of them had clothes on.

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