Fowler, Spieth, Thomas And Kaufman Are Officially Back For Their Highly Anticipated #SB2K17


Cue every dude in America’s envy meter going through the ROOF. In case you’re not “in the know” on this one, Fowler, Spieth, Thomas and Kaufman went on a little spring break trip together last year and basically filmed all of it. Setting the internet on fire every half hour for a week straight.  Constantly updating everyone on Instagram and Snapchat the entire time. Here are some highlights from last year to give you an idea.

I’m not sure if there’s a crew or a trip I’d rather be included on more. These guys are great friends, in their low to mid-twenties, filthy rich and clearly know how to party right. This year they decided to let loose the week after the Masters. Blowing off a little steam following Spieth and Ricky’s disappointing final day rounds. They’re in Bakers Bay this year. Although it was shrouded in secrecy until the day of. Them tweeting about it was pretty much the breaking news source.

After the incredible footage and pictures that came out of last years trip, but absolutely no rumors of a repeat trip happening this year. Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting to see if they would pull it off again. Then BOOM! Out of nowhere like an RKO the boys are back for #SB2K17! This year fully equipped with their very own hashtag and customized Snapchat filter. You don’t go through the trouble to make a Snapchat filter unless you plan on making some memories that you won’t remember or want to remember if you can my drift

The early footage and content out of the trip already look great. Including drunken shirtless and shoeless golf. Probably going like 3 under. That’s just the life of a young modern day professional golfer. Follow along according to their Snapchats and tweets above!

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