Fox Sports Had A Little Trouble Showing The Foreign Career HR Leaders On Air, They Got 1/5

Yeah, so this list was supposed to be comprised of the five leaders in career home runs from outside the United States. That didn’t happen. They got the names right, but the pictures? Not so much. Does Fox Sports ever get anything right anymore? Regardless of the opinion of the network and its content, they just routinely do bad work like this. Sure other networks have mishaps, it’s impossible not to, but Fox Sports always seems to be the league leader in this category year after year. I bet no one was even fired for this. Which is blasphemous.

How could you possibly get something this wrong? It’s not even like any of these guys are nobody’s, or even look remotely close to the names they’re above. Those five names, all household names. Those five faces, Ichiro, Rod Carew, Rafael Palmero, Adrian Beltre and Roberto Clemente, are all household faces. If you’re working at a sports network and don’t know all ten of these players by both face and name, time to find a new gig bud. These are legendary Hall of Famers. Damn Adrian Beltre had his 3,000th hit last week and you’re still messing up his picture? It was wall to wall coverage for at least 24 hours. But nope, you work at a baseball network and didn’t bother to check that one through. Sure this tiny Asian dude looks like he could be a Sammy Sosa.

The one player and name they got right, Rafael Palmero, of course, had his last name cut off by the AT&T logo. That’s some solid branding if I’ve ever seen it. More roids in more places, amirite?

One shout out to whoever’s responsible for this, congrats for not seeing race though, trouble is you didn’t see anything else either.

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