Moses Malone Jr Is Suing James Harden Because He Claims Harden Paid To Have Him Beat Up

HOUSTON — The son of Hall of Famer Moses Malone is suing Houston Rockets guard James Harden, saying the MVP candidate paid to have him assaulted. Lawyers representing Moses Malone Jr. say he “was violently attacked by a group of armed men” while entering a club last June after making a Facebook post criticizing Harden for charging $249 at a basketball camp. The complaint says Harden paid Darian Blount approximately $20,000 “to put a hit on” Malone. Blount is one of four men who

The complaint says Harden paid Darian Blount approximately $20,000 “to put a hit on” Malone. Blount is one of four men who was charged last year with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Harden hasn’t faced any charges. Harden’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, didn’t respond to messages seeking comment. Hardin had told Houston TV station Fox 26, “I am totally comfortable that the allegations are untrue.”

Malone Jr.’s father played for the 76ers from 1982-86 and again in 1993-94. He played a major role in the Sixers’ 1982-83 NBA championship team, their last title. H/T CSN Philly


To quote Ricky from Trailor Park Boys, “Not to say I atodaso, but atodaso, a fucking atodaso.” All of a sudden the James Harden shaving points theory I wrote about is all that much more plausible now.  You know what type of guys you need to know to be able to pay someone $20,000 to beat the shit out of someone? I tell you who, the same guys who would be caught up in a point-shaving scandal. It’s a one-stop shop for illegal activities. That’s how it works in Goodfellas so that’s how I’m going with it works in real life.

James Harden clearly has himself caught up with some bad hombre’s. SAD! This continues the unfortunate week Harden has had thus far. After that pathetic performance in game 6 followed by getting shit on for going to the club directly after said game, to now not being man enough to fight his own fights? Just a terrible time to be James Harden’s reputation.

Also, who is Moses Malone Jr and why is he involved in this situation. Yeah, I get he’s Moses Malone’s son, but what does he do, where does he fit into James Harden’s life and why did James Harden seem to think it was worth $20k to have him beat up? All of these questions need answering. They have all the guys in custody so we’ll see, things might be looking up for James, people who are faced with the choice of jail time or “rat” on someone usually choose jail these days, right?

Then again, Harden could just get in touch with those point shaving guys to take care of it. They wouldn’t want to lose their golden goose for next season. There’s a whole other set of playoff games ready for James Harden to throw next season and as businessmen, as grimy as they might be, that’s money you simply cannot let walk out the door, or into prison.

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