Ron Rivera Trolls the Packers with Custom T-Shirt at his Press Conference

You guys might remember a couple weeks back when the Panthers ended the Packers season and there was a little exchange caught on tape between Cam Newton and Clay Matthews. Clay thought he had Cam and the Panthers dead to rights. Got a little California boy cocky and got burned really hard. Cam taking it in stride, two steps ahead of Clay already, secretly laughing in his head. Clay should have known he was fucked instantly based on Cam’s reaction.

Cam was like the guy in an argument with his girlfriend when he knows he’s so right. Just sitting back smirking, thinking about how bad he’s about to ruin her. Waiting for his perfect moment to drop his nail in the coffin line every guy ever uses when he knows he’s got his girl backed into an argument corner. The line every woman should fear with all their heart, “Are you done?”


Well, Ron Rivera decided to rub this little fiasco in their face even more. As if the touchdown wasn’t quite sweet enough for the Panthers.

Love the shirt out of Ron Rivera. Step on your opponents throat when they’re injured. Yea we eliminated you from the playoffs two weeks ago. In case you forgot here a big fat reminder in t-shirt form. No mercy from Rivera. A team on the rise looking good heading into the playoffs. Confidence high, nothing to lose and a coach that will bury everyone in his path with a clever t-shirt trolling the following week.

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