Someone Vandalized the Actual “Field of Dreams” Baseball Field and Should Now Spend Life in Jail

Arguably the most iconic scene in the history of sports movies.

Via the Telegraph Herald,

some details: Denise Stillman, owner of Dyersville’s Field of Dreams movie site, said her team found the damage Tuesday morning. It appears that a vehicle was driven onto the field, causing significant damage. Stillman said a damage assessment still is underway, but she anticipates repairs will cost thousands of dollars. “Someone who is disturbed had some agenda to damage the field,” Stillman said. “It’s upsetting.” Al Steffen, the site’s field manager, said he was called out to the scene in the morning to inspect the damage. “There are gashes up to four inches deep in the outfield,” Steffen said. “Whoever did it was really able to dig in.”


I don’t think this is what Terrance Mann had in mind when he said: “People will come, Ray.” What a piece of shit this guy is. Field of Dreams is in the conversation for the greatest sports movie of all time. This field is a chapel of baseball. Sure Wrigley, and Fenway may be cool, they may have a century worth of history attached to them, but they aren’t this field. This field represents so much to this generation of baseball fans. It’s iconic in the coolest way. It’ unique. It’s magical. Seeing it in the movie and knowing it still exists makes it and it’s powers seem that much more realistic.

This damage might be the biggest tragedy since the fixed 1919 World Series that very same field was meant to help “ease the pain” from. Whoever did this damage needs to spend life behind bars. Shoeless Joe Jackson served a lifetime ban from baseball and he did nothing to harm the game. This guy destroyed one of the games most iconic sites and he’s just gonna walk? Nah, not in America. This field represents everything that was once good and can be again. This guy drove all over it with clear intent to destroy it. As far as I’m concerned this is an act of terror towards our great nation. No different than driving across the lawn of the White House or crashing your car into the Capital.

As an American who loves this field and loves this country, I will be embarrassed if this man, when caught, is not prosecuted well beyond the fullest extent of the law. If they can’t do life in prison for vandalism, then change the law. Just for this guy.

If you’re going to ease someones pain, ease America’s pain. If people are going to come, have them come hunt this man down. And if you’re going to “go the distance” then make sure this guys prison sentence goes the distance of his entire life.

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