Terry Collins Does It Again, Another Met’s Loss Where He’s To Blame!

The Mets blow a heartbreaker Wednesday afternoon to the Giants 6-5. This time the culprits were Wilmer Flores and of course Terry Collins. Flores blew a routine double play ball hit to him a third with a man on first. Unable to even get one out from a high throw, this was a disaster. Familia had the blown save and gave up a bases-loaded double. But you can’t blame him for such an inept play defensively behind him. But once again Terry Collins isn’t getting off clean for this one. Flores redeemed himself at least with a two-run double in the bottom of the ninth to bring them within one but to no avail.

To no avail because of the player behind him, Kevin Plawecki. Plawecki a .083 hitter is in the majors because of the injury to Travis D’Arnuad. Rene Rivera would normally get the call, but the day game after night came, no gripes there. Rene Rivera is a .333 hitter this year. Hmmm, tough fucking decision Terry. I don’t give a shit if you told him you’re getting the day off you’re a baseball player, be ready. I’m sure he would have been but Terry never gave him the chance. OH YEAH, the Mets have an off day tomorrow too! You telling me you can’t put Rivera in for one inning?! Maybe even one at bat?

Terry even used Matt Reynolds to pinch run for Flores at second a move I liked. BUT if you don’t have a hitter at the plate it is for not! Plawecki is so bad offensively I would have rathered a pitcher. Not even joking, give me Degrom. Even the pitcher today Tommy Milone drove in a run give me fucking Tommy boy. Plawercki would lackadaisically hit the ball four feet and be thrown out of course.

This decision was a classic conservative TC move. It shows he really doesn’t care about winning as much as a manager should. Sending a hitter up there batting below .100 is essentially taking the L with two outs down one in the ninth. That’s what you did Terry you took the fucking L worse than Hillary on this one. Rivera’s batting average is essentially 4 times that of Plawecki’s. Oh yeah, let’s not forget Plawecki hit the ball four fucking feet in front oh him! What do you expect from AAA catcher batting below .100? Side note Rivera has been on fucking fire of late.

The move is so hypocritical too because Terry tries to be a “chess player”. You would think he would make the last move and finish this chess game. Let me explain. New Met incumbent Tommy Milone pitched a great game going 5+ innings but after letting two runners on was prematurely pulled after just 87 pitches. Terry used a total of SEVEN pitchers over the last four innings. First of all, you need to let your starter go more than 87 pitches, especially when he’s only given up one run. Second, if you’re gonna use 7 pitchers and play “chess” why the fuck wouldn’t you sacrifice your last pawn to give you a chance at check. Rivera was the last bench player or pawn if you will. His moves just simply don’t fucking make sense and I will not let him get away with it any longer.

Think I’m done? Nope, not at all. This was Familia’s third straight game he pitched in. Yes, they needed him tonight. But did they REALLY need him last night up 6-1 in the ninth Terry?! I don’t fucking think so. You should be able to throw in any Joe schmoe in their to wrap it up with a five-run lead. But you just waste your closer and ruin your next day’s chances. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again the only thing holding this team back are their injuries and Terry Collins. Terry, I’m calling for your head. Where in the world is Wally Backman when you need him? Or Edgardo Alfonso. Give me anyone! Just not Terry Collins.

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