Tim Tebow Does It Again After Being Promoted

Tim Tebow hit his fourth minor league home run today after being promoted to high A ball Port St. Lucie. What does that mean exactly? Well, to start he now has one more dinger than Jordan did in his minor league career already. Here’s the shot that was heard around Florida.

Tim Tebow fucks! Well technically he doesn’t he claims to be a virgin but ya know what I mean. The guy is the gift that keeps giving, literally. You can hear the crowd go bonkers after he hits hit, people love Tim Tebow. I don’t understand how he’s doing it honestly. A little over a year ago he was still hopelessly pursuing becoming an NFL quarterback. Sure he wasn’t exactly ripping it batting just .223 in low A ball. But clearly, Sandy Alderson saw something he liked cuz his first day after being called up and BANG! It’s outta here in his third at bat, going 2 for 4 on the day.

Now, most thought this was just a ploy to sell more tickets, the promotion. I even did in large part. I mean how can ya not? The guy was batting .223 and was called up? Um, excuse me? The Mets said they’ve been paying attention to things like exit velocity which he’s excelled at and I get that. But to do this on his first day is just so Tim Tebow. Remember he hit a homer in his first minor league bat too.

I made a lofty bold prediction in the beginning of the year that he would make it to AA by year’s end and he might. He seems to rise to the challenge whenever the stakes are raised. He still has a long way to go, even in high A ball. And still the chances of him making the Mets are slim, but Tebow doesn’t care. As the man himself said “Dreams are based on something that’s in your heart that are passions, that are something that you want to go try. Not on chances.”

That’s right Timmy, some say they don’t like how he’s just hopping right into this. But hey if he wants this as bad as he says he does and he continues to bust his ass then why not root for him? He has a great message for kids or even anyone who is miserable in doing what they’re doing. People are still counting him out, but I bet you he continues to defy the odds, well because he’s Tim Tebow.





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