Markieff Morris Slaps Stephen A’s Ass, Admits He Had It Coming

After game 6 Friday night, Wizards Markieff Morris slapped Stephen A Smith’s ass and HARD. The slap came after an emotional win over the Celtics and was in wake of  Smith’s critical comments of smith “disappearing throughout the playoffs”. Deservedly so we may add Morris comes and goes like an ex-lover. Here’s the slap.


As you can see from the video, Mr. Smith does not look pleased. And why would he? After being slapped by the hand of a man that’s 6″11 250. Ouch, that’s gonna burn worse than blowing the first 3-1 lead in the finals. Sorry, State had to. But Stephen’s reaction is really just something else. “Look what ya’ll want me to say…They won a big game and he screamed at me ‘Don’t desert us, Stephen A.! Step up! C’mon man! Don’t desert us now’ And then he slapped me on the backside. It hurt like hell! But I understand.”

Always good to see someone take an L when they’re given one nobody likes those that are constantly in denial. Stephen wasn’t even doing anything wrong, he was just pointing out that Morris is inconsistent which he is and doing his job. Which involves being critical of players like Morris, Gortat and Porter Jr. Porter who had ZERO points in the last game. My man, you gotta be quicker than that! If Washington wants to win.

Thanks for being a good sport, Stephen. But it gets better Stephen went on to say “If they win Game 7 he can do it again!” Stephen! Don’t play yourself, guy! Your tush probably still has a five star from that slap and now you’re asking for ANOTHER ONE! If this is his way of motivating him I think it’s so crazy it might just actually work. Morris is a nutcase and would love nothing more than to slap him up in back to back games. Smith has been profound over the year that the Wiz will face off against Cleveland in the Eastern Finals so looks like he’s sacrificing his backside to be right on this one.

Will Washington win tonight? Who know this series has been all over the place. The home team has won every game and if Horford continues to dominate the Gortat/Morris matchup that should continue. Also, Otter Porter can’t be throwing up fucking goose eggs again on the road, come’ on man. I think it will actually be a close one unlike most of this series and am hopeful the Wiz win this but Wall and Beal will need help. As a basketball fan, everyone should be rooting fo Washington. The best game by far was the Cleveland 135-130 victory over Washington in double overtime early this year. Tune into TNT tonight at 8 pm and let’s find out.

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