Your 2nd Round NBA Playoff Preview

After a huge success with our first round, we’re back again for the second round. As of now, we stand 7/7 depending on if the Clippers beat the Jazz we will be 8/8. Also 4/7 so far in picking the EXACT number of games it would take each team,(5/8 again with a Clips win). The first round was very predictable as it was all chalk thus far. The Thunder of course, of course, came up way short as we knew they would, the Spurs got a real tough test from Fizzdales’ hard-nosed group, the Bucs showed their youth, and the Cavs and Warriors brought out the brooms. Still, wish we could’ve seen the Bulls finish off the Celtics with a healthy Rondo. But oh well their false bravado will catch up with, so let’s start there.

1) Boston Celtics vs 4) Washington Wizards

I’m excited about this matchup. The Celtics think they’re hot shit now that they won 4 games in a row against a depleted 8 seed. Funny, Boston is in for a rude awakening. The Wizards are a terrible matchup for them. Isiah Thomas, may his sister rest in peace, is the worst defender in the NBA. What’d you think John Wall’s gonna do about that? I’ll tell you what he’ll be dropping 40 and 12 on hi ass. Wall is playing absolutely filthy and the best ball of his life, even defensively too. Down low Gortat and Morris will eat alive Olynk and Johnson, who inept at rebounding. The physicality these boys bring down low will be troublesome for them. The off chance Beal and Wall do miss, they’ll clean up. Really nobody scares you for Boston, Bradley’s a nice player and playing well great defender. But I’ll take Bradley Beall all day in that matchup. Gerald Green verse Otto Porter Jr? Yeah, I’ll take Porter again. Wizards will get this done in AT MOST 6 could even be 5.

2) Cleveland Cavaliers vs. 3) Toronto Raptors

Let’s give claps to the Raptors for finally being big boys and winning on the road. It’s about damn time, beating the beat up Bucs in 6 is hardly an accomplishment. Let’s just get straight to it, the Raptors don’t have the mental toughness to Beat the Cavs. This will be their straight year versing them and yes they Ibaka and the insertion of Powell in the lineup makes them more dynamic. But just no, you’re not outscoring the Cavs unless you’re Golden State. Lowry takes half the games off in the playoffs and against Kyrie Irving that doesn’t work. Powell will be a non-factor if LeBron is on him, so there goes small ball. If they go big Love will torch Valanciunas from the outside. Paint it any way you want it. Either way, I see Cavs in 5.

1) Golden State Warriors vs. 4/5) Clippers/Jazz

Have to say the Warriors impressed me in the first round. They just slaughtered the Blazers, KD no KD, night in night out pure domination aside from Game 1. They are SCARY, everyone should be pissing their fucking pants. It really doesn’t matter who they verse if we’re being honest. If the Clips win, which I think they will, will be limping in with no Blake. Yikes. That’s a straight sweep. Paul is playing great but can only do so much. I think the Jazz have a better chance, of winning one game that is. They MIGHT be able to sneak one out in their Utah territory if Gobert is healthy and effective. Curry is clicking, Klay is cash from 3, Green is the human Swiss army knife, and KD is a top 3 player. Either way, it should be a sweep but it will definitely be more competitive if the Jazz win tomorrow.

2) San Antonio Spurs vs. 3) Houston Rockets

This will be the best series of the second round, by far. Many of them might not be close but this one will be. The Spurs showed signs of weakness against the tough gritty Grizzlies. While Houston didn’t play well and cruised past OKC in 5. Fortunately for the Spurs, the Rockets are nothing like the Memphis Grizzlies. The Rockets spread you out from 3 and shoot 40 a game, but the Spurs defend the three extremely well. Two MVP candidates in Kawhi Leonard and James Harden which should be a great matchup. The Klaw will be on Harden for most of the game and make things difficult for him. Look for Harden to facilitate and pass to shooters.

If Houston can make their outside shots at a high rate they will win the series. But even if they don’t they can still compete with Nene and Cappella battling Aldridge and Gasol. Also, Lou Williams and Eric Gordon are absolutely lethal off the bench. For the Spurs, Kawhi will be Kawhi, brilliant and efficient. The Spurs as always will need to execute and move the ball with precision, as they usually do. If Houston can control the tempo throughout the series they can really get the spurs to play into their hand.

In the best series of the playoffs well say Rockets in 7.


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