Charles Oakley Gets Kicked Out Of MSG, Reaffirms New York Legend Status Forever #FuckDolan


LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO! Fuck you, James Dolan you fat little mean rat faced fuck. Charles Oakley has just gone from being the most energetic Knicks fan favorite to a literal Messiah of MSG in one swift action. He was already the most popular guy on one of the most beloved teams in franchise history, this move extends it to an insurmountable lead. If you don’t know yet, Dolan is the worst owner in sports by every measure and by the words of nearly everyone who has ever dealt with him, a not a nice guy. The only people who tolerate Dolan are the ones who are taking from him, who have a job from him, the people who are able to steal from his pockets while he’s too distracted playing the Kazoo in his Jazz band. My man Oak Tree reportedly purposefully bought the ticket right behind Dolan’s usual seat along the baseline adjacent to the Knicks bench. He came looking for blood and oh boy did he fucking get it. Although Oakley did not instigate the fight, it was coward ass Dolan. According to Oakley, who is revered by everyone who knows him as a 100% honest guy, and someone who made a specific point to never start something, but make damn sure he finished it. Dolan saw Oakley sitting behind him, and like the scared prick he is, had his security guards remove him. You can see Dolan the whole time sitting there, ignoring the situation, as if he didn’t even have anything to do with it. Doesn’t even have the balls to WATCH someone else do his dirty work. The old Knicks of the 90’s don’t have any respect for James Dolan, as they rightfully shouldn’t. Dolan, since taking over in the late 90’s has ruined the Knicks. James his entire life has lived off the success of his father, a trust fund baby in all the worst ways. There was no better time or person to get this team fired up than Oakley.  Oakley was the on court enforcer for the great 90’s Knicks teams and is beloved by every fan and member of the city “And oh if rebounds are the case, we put Oakley and Mase in your face, SAY GO NEW YORK GO NEW YORK GO.” Chills every time.


As you can tell from Franky Isola’s tweets, everyone is backing Oakley, even the god damn cops who were forced against their will to even approach this New York Knick icon. Come to find out this morning Oakley was charged with 3 counts of assault and one count of criminal trespassing. Given that there’s only one person that can say Oakley is trespassing on his property, and that man is James Dolan, then that confirms Oakley’s words that he was told to leave by security via direct orders from Dolan. There isn’t a real Knicks fan on this planet that wouldn’t love to see a Donald Sterling situation with James Dolan. Seriously though, can we work that out in some way? Just start planting people of every race and ethnicities around him, adhering to all the worst stereotypes and just hope he slips up eventually. I know its 2017 and people are all bent out of shape about feelings or however theyre referred to these days, but if we have to embrace some terrible stereotypes for just a day, or a week, or a month to save the Knicks franchise forever, isn’t it worth it? Why dont you ask the New Yorkers that make up the geatest melting pot of races and nationailities the world has ever seen, see what they say about saving the beloved Knicks after almost 20 years under this joke, they’ll be there before you finish your sentance.



What an embarrassment. As if Dolan were told he couldn’t make this any worse looking for him, *Dolan glares up straight up slowly* cause he’s short and fat, replies “oh yeah, watch this” and boom Dolan gets his. little digital scribe to send out his cunty little 8th-grade girl rant of “absolutes.” Guess what Dolan, no one likes you, no one believes you, Oakley is ROYALTY to us, you’re not even allowed in the house. (even though technically you own it, this is a metaphorical house)


P.S. I know Phil coached Oakley and has a great relationship with him, but stop it. You are part of the reason Oakley is so pissed. He’s a fan too and from a fan perspective, you’re on some thin ice pal. Also maybe get in front of a microphone once a year instead of subtweeting and getting worked over by every NBA GM when your president of the league’s most valuable franchise in the country and world’s most prominent city.

P.S.S. I bet those NYPD officers chanting “FREE OAKLEY” would absolutely help organize the Doland Sterling plan, someone from Knicks nation gotta reach out…Spike?!!


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