If You Had The Knicks +12.5, Your Night Ended With The Worst Luck Imaginable

So yea the majority of money on this game had the Knicks +12.5. That is BRUTAL. Do you have any idea how “won” that ticket was in a gambler’s mind? That’s literally 100%. Teams up 10 with the ball, shot clocks off a few seconds left to wind down and its over. Happens hundreds of times a season. This isn’t just some normal buzzer beater where the team was trying to win. This was a pointless half court shot.

This guy is just messing around jacking up a half court shot for shits and gigs, meanwhile, he has no respect or care for the guy who can’t pay rent now because of his little “stunt.” That’s one of those, “I hate this guy for the rest of his career” devastating losses. It’s just inconceivable from a gambling standpoint. Then again, were talking about sports betting, it’s a crazy fucked up place. Gambling twitter might be the most sewer like group of people on the internet. Yet somehow we find pride in being immersed in it. Shoutout @BleacherBookie.

But goddam, that loss, after the initial smashing of the closest breakable most expensive object you can get your hands on, will make you rethink your life. And possibly how to figure out a way to ruin that guy’s life.

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