Jim Boeheim Gets Destroyed On Twitter By City Of Greensboro, Then You Realize He Was Right

Ok not subtle words from the legendary Syracuse coach, but Jim Boeheim never been one for subtleties. He’s been as honest and outspoken as can be from day 1. He was born and raised in the Big East. The REAL Big East. Not this nonsense hodgepodge of pseudo mid-majors and midwest schools that remain as the skeleton of what once was the greatest, most marketable and definitely most intimidating college basketball conference of all time. Jim Boeheim wasn’t being loud or malicious, he was calmly conveying a point, after being asked about it. A point that not too many people in Greensboro were excited about. The city Twitter account soon got wind of the comments and fired back an “oh shit” level snail job…

#BOOMROASTED. Just a fire comeback out of nowhere from the city of Greensboro. Perfectly timed, relevant, accurate and hilarious. has all the ingredients for the special sauce in those situations. Lucky for them Boeheim isn’t one to fire back on Twitter. He tweets like once a month and it hardly seems like it’s coming from his thumbs. Bravo to the city of Greensboro, you rocked the internet for 15 minutes. I hope the 15 minutes were enjoyable because you’re probably not gonna like what I’m about to say either. Jim Boeheim could not have been more right.

Everyone got all up in a frenzy cause Boeheim had some truthful yet unfortunate words about what the location should be of the nation’s best conferences basketball tournament. He was mean to a sweet little southern town.

Well, when you have a tournament that involves hundreds of millions of dollars in spending and potential earnings and losses. Then you better put hurting people’s feelings aside and make sure you make back that paper. That is unless the city of Greensboro wants to sign on the dotted line to recoup any loss of earnings for having it there instead of New York? Bleacher Fan reached out to the city of Greensboro in hopes of getting this answer, to no avail.

Boeheim explained the situation very logically, which I why I was somewhat confused when I saw the backlash. I mean its 2017 and people will get up in arms about literally anything.

Greensboro doesn’t bring anything to the tournament. The conference is a business, having it in Greensboro is bad business. Just as Boeheim said. For the exact reasons Boeheim stated. With the expansion of the conference a few years back, the area of the teams expanded greatly. The ACC teams aren’t more or less closer to the Carolina’s anymore. Realistically all of these tournaments should be in the major cities. Missing out on the ease of media coverage and population is irreprehensible from a business standpoint.

The ACC and NCAA overall have to make a distinction, they can’t pick and choose when they will treat their endeavors as a business or not. It’s through and through or not at all. If you wanna keep everyone in middle America and small towns everywhere happy? Then have it in Greensboro, take the losses. Fortunately for literally everyone in thew world besides the people of Greensboro, whom Boeheim and nearly everyone who’s been there say are tremendously nice people, the tournaments will more than likely continue to be held in the major cities. To maximize eyeballs and more affluent patrons.

Eyeballs are the world’s currency, if you’ve got attention, you’ve got money. The city of Greensboro is not a place where you go for either of those. Don’t hate on Jim Boeheim because he’s the only one who has the guts to say it into a microphone hooked to a national feed.

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