Jimmy Butler Says Bulls Front Office Spys On The Players For Ownership

Talk about bizarre. A team’s front office members following the players off the court in their everyday lives like private investigators? That’s some next level Scientology shit. I know Private Investigators are somewhat of a commonplace, but in this situation, it feels like they’re really treading the lines of legality.

In case you’ve been in a coma the past two weeks, you know the Bulls have become a complete dumpster fire. Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade have broken away from the rest of the locker room. Trading Instagram blows with starting point guard and resident traveling locker room cancer, Rajon Rondo. The team doesn’t respect Hoiberg, he seems lost, but not quite as lost as the Bulls front office does. They had a plan to build around superstar Jimmy Butler, but all they’ve done since then is alienate him. In a league where “Three and D” teams are the formula for success, the Bulls went out and spent $30M on a Wade and Rondo, a point guard and a shooting guard whom neither of can play great defense or shoot the 3. (they’re actually both all-time historically bad). Now, these same two players and the superstar in place the Bulls had planned to build around are creating a web of controversy and conflict causing this franchise to be cloaked in a terrible look right now. I didn’t expect the Bulls to do much this season, because of the aforementioned lack of shooting and defense in a league that increasingly requires it, but to have a meltdown this bad, this quickly on the court is noteworthy. To include an unprecedented case of the team spying on the players in their private lives is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard.

The Bulls have apparently built themselves a little bit of a reputation amongst the players, not a positive one. they’ve been known to treat former and ex-players not in the most favorable way. When asked about former players, these answers out fo the Bulls front office and ownership are never heart warming, never appreciative. At most, they express acknowledgment and not much more. Kristine Leahy seems to be convinced and trust her multiple sources and I gotta say, with the trainwreck this team has become its unfortunate to say something like this is totally believable. Incredibly shocking, yet totally believable. Hiring “moles” is usually a pretty desperate move, it’s an underdog move. The Bulls front office has shown they see themselves as the underdog. their heads are on the chopping block, if they’re going down they wanna make sure they take down anyone they can with them. Classic Bulls front office….allegedly..


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