Never Forget What Carl Lewis did to the National Anthem

A Sad Trombone

Ladies and Gentleman if you watched this years ASG there is a good chance you witnessed a murder. Fergie put on a show for the ages last night, and I am not talking the good kind . Fergie was trying to Fergalicious the national anthem, but ended up getting more laughs than that Kevin Hart player intro. The only way they could have made it better was to add a laugh track to it through the performance.  My buddy Tommy blogged it earlier and was able to capture how bad she was, but there is worse than her: Carl Lewis.

Folks, this  anthem was so bad that they didn’t even air the whole thing on national television. The ESPN anchors couldn’t contain themselves, the stadium erupted in laughter, the players damn near pissed themselves.

I mean look at this guy, he had to bury his face in his jacket to stop himself from laughing his face off.

Fergie may have tried to have sex with the national anthem, but ladies and gentleman Carl Lewis had a god damn comedic set with it. When he said “Uh-oh I am going to make up for it now” and his voice cracked I nearly lost my shit.


Never forget

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