Fergie Phunk’s with Everyone’s Hearts During ASG National Anthem

At the All-Star Game Sunday night, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas sang the greatest American song ever, the National Anthem. I use the term sang very, VERY loosely.

Watch below and see for yourself:

I’m not sure if she felt left out of Mardi Gras and decided to make some hipster, jazz-inspired version of the good ol’ Star Spangled Banner to make up for being in LA and not NOLA, but I can tell you it did not go well.

It’s not every day that people are flat out laughing while standing on the court during the anthem, but these guys just couldn’t keep a straight face. Everyone from Lebron to Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help but crack a smile during this botched attempt at in my opinion the biggest pump up song of all time.

I know what you’re thinking, there’s plenty of other songs that are way more of a pump up song than the anthem. I’m sorry, but nothing gets my blood flowing more than a powerful rendition of this timeless wonder.

My favorite reaction was Draymond Green, he tried like hell but couldn’t contain himself. Tried to play it off with the subtle licking of the lips, but we’re on to you Draymond. You’re laughing and so is the rest of America at Fergie’s pathetic piss poor attempt at “hip patriotism”.

Of course, Curry’s reaction is a close second to Draymond’s. Curry doesn’t even try and contain himself. He’s the six-year-old boy who just saw someone eat shit in the cafeteria and loses it. He can’t hold back nor does he want to-the hilarity of this moment is too good to pass up for him.

Word of advice for Fergie; stick to your humps and wondering where the love is. Meanwhile, we’ll pour one out for Francis Scott Key, whose life’s work you took an enormous shit on and then zipped up into a body-bag last night. Also for those of you defending Fergie’s rendition as “creative” or “different” shut the fuck up. This was terrible and a blatant disrespect to our country regardless of her intentions.

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