Trump Refuses to Fill Out March Madness Bracket. SAD!

I never like to mix the two of politics and sports, but this time I apologize, I have to. President Donald Trump apparently will not fill out a March Madness bracket…Seriously Donald? You’re going to stop the fun-loving tradition because of your ego? Barack Obama of course did it as he is a huge fan of the game, even his Vice President, Joe Biden, did one and even finished in the top 1% of ESPN brackets. Regardless, the point of it isn’t to be right or to get every pick right, obviously near impossible, but its just for shits and giggles. Compare and contrast picks with friends and even strangers, a friendly competition. Donald is of course extremely competitive as you know and is all about “winning”. So, you would THINK he would invite this friendly competition with open arms. But nope, looking deeper this actually makes a lot of sense.

Part of the madness that is March is that everyone is wrong in some way. Upsets are plentiful and almost unpredictable across the board. Perfect brackets normally don’t survive the first weekend, let alone the whole tournament. That’s where the problem comes in for Donald, he will be wrong, and so will we all at the end of the day. Even being a supporter myself it would be oblivious to not recognize his inability for him to admit when he is clearly wrong. We wont get into examples, I’m sure you could think of numerous ones on your own. So, sadly that is a huge reason he won’t do it. If he picks North Carolina to win it all and they lose to say Middle Tennessee State in the first round. He can’t just be like uhh they still have a chance to win. He would look like an idiot. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

But for God’s sake Donald just fill out a damn bracket! I know a myriad of people that do it each year, that have zero interest in college basketball. I’ve seen grandparents do them, friends that hate basketball, and even my own parents. Half the fun is knowing you’re gunna be wrong and laughing at yourself and your silly mistakes. Which we know he can’t do. The best part about it is you don’t even need to know anything about basketball! I’ve lost to friends, family members and such that no absolutely zero about the sport. They just randomly pick and off the seeding’s and boom! I don’t take it personal it’s just the name of the game, the madness that is March. There’s your winning bracket. Simple as that.

His ego is so large that not only can he not admit being wrong, but also that he cannot be seen as inferior to Barrack Obama in any way. Even if it means losing to him in such a silly task like a March Madness bracket. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this one. Not to mention that this is also another chance to relate to the common man, especially sport fans. I think he’s missing out on a real opportunity here to get along with American people in a fun-loving matter. Maybe, Obama spoiled us being that he was a fan and a regular at doing it very year. So big props to him for that. Hopefully someone slaps him in the back of the head and he gets his shit together and does one. Huge L for Donald. Or as he says it uuuuugeeee L for Donald.

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