Will Derrick Bring a Rose Garden to 33rd St?

The New York Knicks are looking to upgrade their backcourt, and one player on their radar is Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose.The Knicks have had internal discussions recently about trading for Rose, league sources tell ESPN.

The Knicks have publicly expressed their interest in upgrading at point guard, and sources tell ESPN that the team has had discussions about trading for Derrick Rose.

The Bulls’ interest in trading Rose, 27, is unknown at this point. The Knicks do not have many strong trade chips outside of Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and future first-round draft picks.

Both Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek and GM Steve Mills have said that the Knicks are interested in upgrading their point guard position in the offseason. (Continue Reading at ESPN)
The NBA has gotten really bad with their mid summer Knicks rumors this year. It seems every year there seems to be a random out of whack trade scenario involving the Knicks, this year the lucky bachelorette is Derrick Rose. The only difference between this year and previous years, is that this one came about a week early and is actually unbelieve. The Knicks have nothing to give the Bulls that is worth giving up for Rose or that the Bulls would deem as equal value. KP and Melo are the only two decent trade assets the Knicks have, neither of which will be on the move anytime soon. Rose’s value is at an all time low. He’s injury ridden and is sitting on an expiring max contract. A contract the Knicks would probably not renew. You really gonna trade Melo for a one year rental of rose? Are the Bulls really gonna trade rose for a combination of Jerian Grant Derrick Williams and 2 round picks? Unless either of those come to fruition, this deal is as baseless as the latest tweet from Kim Kardashian or worse, Aeysha Curry.

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