Bo Knows, but does Nate Robinson?

Nate Robinson’s tryout with the Seahawks was easily the most ridiculous story involving Seattle’s NFL franchise Monday, and that’s saying something.You never want to one-up Pete Carroll’s bad sneaker opinions. Likewise, you never want to put yourself in a no-win situation, but that’s exactly what the three-time slam dunk contest champion has done.Let’s not beat around the bush: Robinson won’t make the Seahawks’ 53-man roster. He’s unlikely to even receive an invite to training camp, and even if he does, what’s the point? Robinson has multiple businesses to look after in Seattle, and if he still has his heart set on being a professional athlete, he should ball out overseas. It was less than a month ago that he went off for 46 points in an Israeli league playoff game. The Ringer

Nate Robinson, now there’s a name not many of you have heard of, or thought about in some time. Everyone knows Nate for his size, energetic play and subsequent multiple time winner of the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest. Fast forward a little less than a decade and Nate is out of the NBA and balling it up against his less athletically and genetically gifted Jewish counterparts in the Israeli basketball league. (Most of the players are not Jewish or Israeli, butttt were gonna run with it, so deal with it). He actually dropped 46 the other night in quite the display against the NBA’s overseas Middle Eastern D squad. but now THIS…

We all know the NFL dominates the sports calendar and given the early summer lull between the draft and Training camps, this story came right to the forefront.  Yes we know Nate played corner back at Washington and got some looks from the NFL but ultimately decided on the NBA. Now a decade removed from football and no longer an active player in the NBA hes trying to make a return to the former, by trying out for his hometown Seattle Seahawks. Now, I’m no mathematician but Robinson’s small 5 foot 9 frame isn’t exactly getting him the VIP ticket to the Legion of Boom, dudes are monsters. A decade away from football and an entirely different professional training regiment doesn’t bode well for his return either. I understand Nate’s desire to play in the NFL, to prove in his low 30’s hes still got it, especially after not being signed by an NBA squad.

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