Nate Robinson Going Under the Legs of a 7-Footer


Last night in the D league, Nate Robinson, dribbled under someone’s legs and it was beautiful. The only thing missing from Nate on this play was to turn around and pull Edy Taveras pants down like it was an AND1 video. Since Nate`s Instagram started firing off to put him back into the NBA, he has not stopped in the D-league. He is basically making a mixtape and is going to walk into any team’s office and drop in on the desk and walk out. He is not a major role in any championship run, but he will put people in the stands.

Let`s get into the shmuck Nate violated, Edy Taveras. Watching this video at a quick glance you ask yourself why Edy Tavares is not in the NBA with his size but after this video it’s clear. I will be surprised if this guy is given a chance in the NBA after this video. First of all, you have a 7`2 center coming to trap a point guard by smothering him with your legs open. YOU ARE 7`2 EDY, there is absolutely no need to be that close to anyone your defending. The after getting dribbled under you couldn’t even keep up Nate. Tavares was a half a step away from Nate and blatantly looked tired trying to walk. He could have made a long stride and easily blocked the ball. That was all around a pathetic performance and hustle after being completely humiliated.

Nate Robinson still plays with huge amounts of energy and puts NBA players to shame. BRING THIS HYPE BACK TO NEW YORK. Put this man on any NBA team and just watch the crowd go nuts. The season is basically over, pull up Nate Robinson and give the fans a show. I would have loved to have Nate on the court in the Garden during the Dolan fiasco. All I know is Nate would have walked up to Dolan and flipped him off. The Knicks were not contenders the last time Nate was here, but every Knicks fan knows that was one of the best times to watch them since the 90s.

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