Andrew Bogut’s 58 Seconds of Fame

Just when we thought the Cavs were locked and loaded they lose to the Miami Heat and lose Andrew Bogut for the year in the process. LeBron’s been getting his wishes this year, but not even he could save Bogut on this one. Andrew Bogut collided with Miami’s Okaro White and fractured his tibia last night. But this happened just 58 seconds into Bogut’s career with the Cavs. You can’t make this shit up. I know the guy is injury prone but he couldn’t even make it ONE MINUTE! Just another reminder of how basketball is a long season and we can’t be a prisoner of the moment. People tend to overreact, as we saw with the similar Durant injury, the Warriors are fine. But, nonetheless, the landscape of the NBA can change in a blink of an eye. All it takes is one play.

Not even Bill Walton would have gotten injured this quickly. Saying a lot too for someone who missed more games then he played. No disrespect, we still love you Bill, you crazy savage you. I guess that’s what Bogut get’s though right? Trying to pull a fast one on his old team by joining their archenemy. Reminds me of what Anderson Varejao did, cut by the Cavs then decides to join Warriors. To only lose in the Finals and come out ringless. Bogut can still get a ring, but he has zero right to talk smack. 58 seconds. That’s bad, real bad. Maybe Bogut should get one of those clappers old people use so he doesn’t hurt himself getting out of bed in the dark, better yet, get the guy a Life Alert necklace.

For the Cavs it’s a loss, but not a huge one. They’ll recover from this, it’s not like they’re losing Derron Williams, their more significant addition. Bogut wasn’t going to play much anyway, probably give Tristan Thompson some rest and grab a few boards and a couple blocks. He’s a rim protector, that’s what they’ll miss most about him.  The Cavs will be okay, Bogut on the other hand, well I just hope he invests in that clapper so he doesn’t injure himself any further.

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