Did This Guy Put On The Most Shocking Halftime Performance Of All-Time?

What just happened?! What did I just watch?! Who is this guy?! Talk about your all-time most unexpected outcomes. I’m not sure if there’s a backstory to this, but from what we are to assume, they just picked this random dude out of the crowd….in Utah, nonetheless. Who could have possibly predicted this guy would come out of the crowd and do THAT. The Jazz are lucky they weren’t giving away a million bucks or something for this.

The first one is impressive enough, just him being able to hit the trampoline and nail the dunk perfectly. Then the mascot casually drops on him they want him to now include a flip on a second run. “Oh wow, we expected you to fail miserably at that and you didn’t, so here let’s add in an incredibly dangerous front flip!” If that’s me, I’m still counting my lucky stars I didn’t break everything below my waist following the first dunk. Now you want me to do a fucking flip? Yea I’m good I’ll pass on the broken neck. All set with my fully functioning limbs. This dude though, just shrugs it off and agrees, like a stuntman on a Hollywood set who’s done this 1,000 times over in his sleep. And sure enough, the guy pulls it off as if he’d done it 1000 times in his sleep. The entire arena is in utter shock, rightfully so. This guy gets up and is surprised that people didn’t expect that?

All of this leaves the begging question, Was this the most shocking halftime performance in NBA history? I think it might be for me. Yea all these acts are trotted out at halftime 41 times a year in 30 different arena’s, but those are supposed to be amazing. Fans expect to be wowed by the famous Red Panda. This guy comes out of NOWHERE and shocks the world! The “Wow factor” is something that can never be taken lightly or overlooked. This guy nailed the “Wow factor” better than anyone ever. Unbelievable in every sense of the word.

We need some background on this guy. Was he a former mascot somewhere? Does he moonlight in a trapeze show? Is he Barnum or Baily? Was the mascot helping him the second string mascot? Orrrr is he the long lost original Phoenix Suns Gorilla Mascot roaming the country game to game, waiting for his chance at redemption. We can only dream. If so, he got it and he nailed it.

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