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Why John Ross Isn’t Crazy For Not Wearing Adidas While Breaking The 40-Yard Dash Record

I’m sure the headline catches you off guard. As many of you know Adidas proclaimed that anyone who broke the 40-yard dash record at the combine while wearing Adidas would receive a prize. That prize being the choice of either a million dollars or their own island. Only catch 22 is they would have to ink a deal with Adidas. Washington wide receiver John Ross broke Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash record, but he wasn’t wearing Adidas. The previous record Johnson held stood at 4.24, Ross ran a 4.22. Holy shit, that’s fast. But I’m sure you’re absolutely losing your mind right now. What an idiot! Guy essentially turned down a million dollars or a fucking island. But there’s a reason to his madness.

I too at first thought, WOW, why would the hell would you not just take the money? But, after an interview today with ESPN, I see where the electric Ross is coming from. Ross said that he’s been wearing Nike his entire life and feels best in Nike.

As simple as this is, I love it. Ross putting his personal values first over the dollar, not many people do this. He’s going against the grain and not conforming to what society says he should do. Which I also love. It’s also intelligent believe it or not.

Think about this…Ross says he’s used Nike his whole life and is more comfortable in it. Who’s to say he would break the record wearing Adidas? He feels more comfortable in Nike, and comfort can most certainly affect performance. Also, another huge aspect is confidence. Confidence is an integral ingredient for success in any aspect of life. Sounds like Ross wold not be as confident in Adidas, as they are foreign to him which very well could lead to doubt and uncertainty. What I also like is Ross listened to his gut. He stuck to his guns and did what was right for him, and for that I applaud him. He also would have had to sign with Adidas, and I’m sure he wouldn’t like to have been forced to do that. Remember .03 is such a small amount of time the shoes/clothing you wear could create that amount of difference if not more.

Logically you may still say he lost out on a million dollars. BUT, if Nike gave him the best chance to succeed in the forty, it helped his time.  Alas, if it helped his time that significantly, it improves his draft position, further making him more money. Therefore, I think the decision was a smart one. Also, it’s not like Ross isn’t going to make money. He’s a first round pick who has insane athleticism. In fact, he filled in for, now Chief and ex-Washington Husky Marcus Peters in 2014 at corner. He started four games and had one interception. In 2015 Ross tore his ACL, but last season he had a breakout year for the Huskies. Ross had 81 catches for 1,150 yards and 17 touchdowns. Yeah, I said 17. He has a knack for the end zone and is even drawing comparisons to last year’s dynamic rookie Tyreke Hill.

Disagree if you want, call me crazy, but I support John Ross and his decision to wear Nike over Adidas. I know I sure prefer Nike over Adidas, no disrespect. He has now worked his way up to being a borderline first round draft pick to a middle of the first rounder. I like Ross to go as early as 14 to the Philadelphia Eagles and if not, the Tennesee Titans at 15. Ross will be a great receiver for years to come and I cannot wait. We haven’t seen the last of him, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.

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