Adam Silver And Chris Paul Will Team Up To Improve All-Star Game

The NBA may have some new All-Star game rules very shortly.

According to ESPN, Clippers point guard Chris Paul called commissioner Adam Silver following this year’s version in New Orleans, after his Western Conference side won 192-182.

The report states that Silver thinks players like Paul and owners like Michael Jordan could meet like they did during collective bargaining to discuss ways to improve the All-Star Game. 

Among the possible rules changes, captains would be allowed to pick their own starters, there could be a 4-point shot added to some spots on the floor and there could even be a 10-point half-court shot. 

All of these changes would be strictly for the All-Star game only. No one wants to see players chucking up half-court shots on a regular basis.”We will change it by next year,” Silver said of the All-Star game.

It seems as though the players and fans alike are tired of watching a meaningless game near 200 points year-in and year out without any consequences. Sporting News


When I see this headline I think, ok great, Adam Silver has realized there’s an issue with the All-Star game and he’s teaming up with one of the bets most well like players. Then you see what they have planned as potential changes. We all know the NBA All-Star game has become a joke on so many levels. It’s become a generational problem with lack of effort in the All-Star game, but a 10-point line? Seriously?! A 10-point line?

One of the biggest gripes with the game from the fans is that it’s become too gimicky. So naturally, the first step to fixing that would be to add 4 and 10 point lines. Maybe we could also add in 5 games against the Harlem Globetrotters to each team’s schedule too? I mean how much more obvious of a bad idea can this be? It’s the opposite direction of where the game should be going. Silver is the best commissioner in American sports, so I’m hoping his logic eventually overrules and this idea gets trashed.

The route they need to go is along the lines of baseball where the game means something to the players. I’m not suggesting home court in the NBA finals up for grabs, cause that hasn’t necessarily been received all that well in baseball, but something along those lines. Maybe it’s more money for certain accomplishments or the win. Whatever it may be, the main goal must be to motivate effort, defense and overall good basketball for the All-Syar game. After all, these are the best players in the world.

If the changes are made that are initially being reported then next year the game is going to be Steph curry and Russell Westbrook chucking up half court shots with the other four guys standing around the hoop to catch it as an alley opp if they miss left or right.

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