Rocky The Nuggets Mascot Tries To Impress Girl Fan, Immediately Gets His Spot Blown Up

Rocky is one of the best and most active mascots in the league. He’s usually one of the slickest and most savvy too, but this one did not work out well for him. You cant be trying to find a side piece while your main girl is literally in the building. Gotta be better than that. All in all, though that was really his only oversight.

How about this girl though, just denying him again and again. How above and beyond does a guy have to go to get you to accept his gift? Everyone knows size matters and Rocky was prepared for her to be that type of girl. That third bear was honestly the biggest stuff animal I’ve ever seen. Normally girls go nuts over that shit. You win a girl a bear that big at a carnival or fair or anywhere and she doesn’t appreciate it, you should just walk away right then and there. If she’s not going to appreciate a 10-foot tall stuffed bear then what will she ever appreciate? Surely not you.

Rocky went all in, pulling out all the stops for the mistress, but the wifey caught him and now he’s got some explaining and maneuvering to do. He went from possibly two girls to now probably none. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Shooters always gonna shoot. Rocky took his Mile high shot and missed, but at least he’s got an awesome 10-foot tall stuffed bear to chill with, that’s gotta be better than two women who don’t like him right?

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