Why We Should Not Be Surprised The Rockets Won in 5

Now I don’t know where this whole “Rockets verse Thunder series is going to be great” mantra came from, but we need to cut the shit. Actually, I lied, it came from ESPN and the MVP/triple-double crazed media outlets. This was such a classic move by the media. Get us all pumped up, oh 6 maybe 7 games! Almost everyone on ESPN said when asked for best series and most anticipated matchup, that they were most excited about OKC vs. Houston. Not me, not anyone with a brain. Oh yeah, did we say we called Houston in 5? Cuz we did and you shouldn’t be surprised.

Everyone got caught up with the “oh the top two MVP candidates are going head to head”. This was just pure negligence on the behalf of everyone involved and not looking deeper. Because Harden and Westbrook barely ever guarded one another! Of course Andre Roberson the defensive specialist who can’t make a fucking free throw for his life would guard Harden. Also, no shit stud perimeter defender Pat Beverley would guard Westbrook. Think people, don’t let the media think for you. That’s why we’re here though help you think outside the box and give you the theories they don’t want you to hear!

But let’s get to the series and why this turned out the way it did. To start off Houston was the three seed and just a juggernaut offensively averaging 116 points a game. Thunder, on the other hand, were not with inept offensive players throughout the lineup like Roberson and Adams. There’s no way the likes of Westbrook, Oladipo, Roberson, Gibson, and Adams can keep up with the likes of The Rockets. They have great depth specifically the bench with Eric Gordon and Lou Williams both being capable of putting up 20 a game. Then the likes of Harden, Beverley, Ariza, Anderson. Just so many 3 pt shooters. The Thunder have no such shooters, Russ isn’t good from deep at just 34 percent then they have McDermott and Abrines. I rest my case.

Yes, the games were close and I anticipated they would be. But the best part is The Rockets didn’t even play well! Everyone always said they live and die by the 3. Seriously? Cuz they shot pretty fucking terrible in a lot of these wins. They shot 6-37 from 3 AND WON last night. 16.2 percent. Incredible. Game 4, 11-35, 31.4 percent. So can we finally put this “The Rockets live and die by the 3” nonsense? They got some bad boys down low as Stephen A would say in Clint Capella and Nene, not stars, but they ain’t afraid to bang down low. Pat Beverley is also severely underrated this guy just keeps it real. He plays great d, can score, rebound, and brings that old-school mentality I love.

The problem for the Thunder is they don’t have shooting, Billy Donovan, and Russ Westbrook. Yes, I know how can Russ be a problem? It’s really just the combo of him and Donovan. Russ is too fast for his own good and is why he turns it over so much. Yes, he put’s up gaudy numbers, but he’s not efficient just 39 percent from the series and 6.0 turnovers a game. I think he went 2-11 in the fourth last night, just winded and no rested. But more importantly NO SHOOTERS! Can’t blame the guy entirely, other than his horrendous shot selection late in games, especially in the fourth. I remember LeBron got destroyed for his “lack of clutch gene” and fourth quarter play. But then Russ can go 4-18 for ONE QUARTER and we still talk about his triple double.

At the same time, he just doesn’t have help in regards to the lineups Donovan CHOOSES. Russ to go with Oladipo, Roberson, Gibson and Adams. Well, Roberson and Adams are inept. Then Oldadipo was just embarrassing all around this series, the guy couldn’t shoot or pass, nothing. Gibson also struggled and has limited range. Can’t blame the guy entirely, other than his horrendous shot selection late in games.  So really he’s just overworked and doing all he can. Probably confused. Where is Enes Kanter? Where is Dougy Mcdermott? Alex Abrines? Sabonis even? Give the guy shooters so he can at least pass.

These guys may not seem like great shooters but better than Andre Roberson. 17.3 percent from the line. What a joke. How did Donovan keep them in their and let them use the old “hack a shake”. Blew game 4 single handily. There was a window open with how bad Houston shot and the Thunder STILL lost in 5. Harden was up and down but still makes the players around him better. I don’t know if Russ really does that he doesn’t elevate others around him and breed confidence in them.

Kind of like how LeBron gets Love involved in the first play of every game and his shooters, he makes others around him better. With his confidence and trust in them. Don’t you think LeBron or Green could get a triple double every game? Lol, of course, they could, but it means NOTHING if you don’t win! Which is why I do not get this triple double craze. If Russ really wants to win he’ll adapt this mentality. Because right now he’s putting up triple doubles and filling the stat sheet, but not in an efficient manner. It’s sloppy and all over the place. Yeah, Beverley is right he doesn’t care if Russ drops 40, even 50 if he’s shooting below 40 percent, the Thunder will lose that game every time.

You may think I hate Russ, and I’ll be honest I’m not a fan, but until he can get to the second round why should he get so much laudable praise? LeBron gets praise cuz he reaches the finals every single year. Believe it or not, I love stats too, but you know what’s even better than stats? One guess. It begins with a w, and that’s WINNING. Just remember just cuz these guys played basketball or have a job at ESPN doesn’t mean they’re gurus, better, or more knowledgeable than you. This series was over before it even started. The proof was in the pudding. As bad as the media wanted it to be “Houston in 7 with a game winner from Harden!” that was never happening. It was always going to be Houston in 5, they were the better TEAM, and deservedly so won. Don’t play yourself.

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