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Can Nick Foles, a backup QB, take out the legendary Tom Brady in a true David vs. Goliath fashion? Oh hell no! Forget the fact that Brady has NEVER lost a Super Bowl to anyone except by the name of Eli, the Pats are simply too good.

Even with a dominating win over the Vikes, I don’t foresee Foles being able to handle the pressure and mount a strong enough offense to counter the Pats ability to win with no matter who is on the field. Will Gronk probably get hurt for the 10000th time during the game? Yes. Will it matter? No. Pats win in a battle of America’s two most hated teams. Heel vs. heel matches never sell, but it should be an interesting game no matter the outcome.

Pats trounce Eagles 35-17



J Millz:

Its been 12 years, 11 months, and 29 days since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick squared off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX. The Patriots have won two Super Bowls since then and looking for another.
Brady has been nothing but amazing this season winning the MVP for the third time in his eighteen-year career. The 40-year-old threw for 32 touchdowns and 4,577 yards and led his team to a 13-3 regular season record. He now will attempt to himself a record sixth Super Bowl title. The Eagles have dominated all season long on both sides of the ball, and for much of the season, favorites to win it all. However, the narrative changed Week 14 when Carson Wentz went down. Now backup Nick Foles will try to do the unthinkable, beat the Pats.

The Eagle’s defense has been stout all season long. I look for Brandon Graham and Chris Long to pester the Pats offensive line all game.  Look for LeGarrette Blount to get in the end zone multiple times in the first half. With the score Eagles up 17-3.Be that is it may, Belichick will make the necessary adjustments to make it a game in second half. Brady, Gronkowski, and company will find a way to take advantage of the Philly secondary who have let up big plays all year long.

With all that said, somehow the Patriots win another Super Bowl, Tommy stays undefeated against all animal teams in the Super Bowl (Rams, Panthers, Eagles, Seahawks, and Falcons) while earning his fifth Super Bowl MVP. Don’t worry football fans, there can’t be too many more years of this. Gostkowski kicks a game winner as time expires.

Patriots 27 Eagles 24



Tommy Buns:

I believe the Tom Brady led Pats will finally win a Super Bowl comfortably. I expect him to have a stellar Super Bowl performance as usual and finish the day with 300+ passing yards and 3 touchdowns. If Gronk plays you better believe he’ll be catching at least one of them. We will also see a rushing TD from James White.

On the other side of the ball, the defense will have had plenty of time to plan for the Eagles and Nick Foles, who has somehow managed to knock off the defending NFC champs from Atlanta and the favorite to win this year’s NFC championship game with the Vikings. I’m sorry Nick, but your luck is about to run out and Brady and Belichick of House Kraft will reign supreme and the northern dynasty from Foxborough will live on. I’m going conservative with the 28-10 final, but let’s be real PATS BY 100.

Patriots 28 Eagles 10




Here we are, another opportunity for a team to make history and defeat the big bad patriots (Belichick Brady duo). I have gone back and forth more times than I’d like to admit about who I want to lose money on.  The thought of betting the Patriots and having them screw me literally gives me cold sweats in my sleep. However, I am left with a two bills hangover and am a firm believer that Bill Belichick cannot lose, unless it’s against another disciple of Parcells.

What a perfect ending it would be for Patricia, McDaniels, and Belichick to ride off into the sunset winning three out of the last four super bowls. Long story short I don’t think the Patriots are as sound defensively as they once were and the Eagles seem to be rolling, after beating the brakes off of Minnesota. I’m down to root for the underdogs. Give me the Eagles +4 or give me death! I really do think this will be a close game, back and forth and go down to the last couple of minutes. It should be interesting to see Gronk participate in a super bowl and I believe that he will be the X-factor.

Patriots 23 Eagles 20. MVP=Gronkowski




Tom Brady has his eyes on a 6th championship ring and the Eagles are not the team who’s going to stop him. With Gronk cleared to play on Sunday the Patriots are set to give the Eagles defense a problem. I expect to see a lot of short passes from the Patriots to get the Eagle’s defense moving side to side trying to slow down the heavy pass rush the Eagles plan to send at Tom Brady. The Eagles to keep the game close will have to limit the Patriots to field goals.

Nick Foles starting his 1st ever Super Bowl will have a hard time navigating through Bill’s unexpected defensive schemes unless the running game from the Eagles is able to keep Tom Brady off the field. When it is all said and done with, Tom Brady will have a hard time getting all his rings on one hand.

Patriots 31 – 17.



Big T:

I have been back and forth over the last few weeks about who is going to win the Super Bowl. But after doing a lot of research I think I have a better idea what will happen. I look for both teams to get out to a slow start.

But in the second quarter, I can see a lot more offense with the Eagles going into the half with a 14-10 lead. I really want to say the Eagles will hold on but I can’t be a fool this time. I think the Patriots will overwhelm the Eagles in critical situations just because they have been there so many times before. Tom Brady will shine when it matters the most. But I will not be shocked at all if the Eagles win. If their defensive line can have their way the Patriots might end up on the losing end. Also, I don’t see this but if Nick Foles plays like he did in the NFC championship he will bring Philly home its first title.

Patriots 24-20




The team that I have winning this super bowl is the New England Patriots, yes I am a fan of the team, but I am putting that aside in picking them to win this game. Before I give my score prediction I’d like to talk about various points and why I believe that the Eagles are going to be a much tougher matchup for the Patriots than people think.

Firstly every analyst on earth has gone on the air and said the same cookie cutter line about how the Eagles can win, they have to get to Tom Brady, knock him off his spot, and keep the offense off the field. While in theory, this seems like sound advice it goes much deeper than that, the Eagles defense has to show up yes, but Nick Foles has to beat that New England defense as well.

Speaking of defense showing up, the Eagles have been a vastly improved defense under Jim Schwartz and switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 which has allowed Fletcher Cox and the rest of those players to play in a system that is more natural to their talents. This is why they are so good against the run, it’s also why they’re fourth in points allowed, but it’s also why they’re only 17th in sacks in the league. If the Eagles want to get to Brady they’re going to have to generate a pass rush with four guys , and I say this because if they have to send overload blitzes and zero blitzes they will die a long death on Sunday.

Now onto why I think the Patriots will win Sunday. Historically Jim Schwartz led defenses haven’t fared well against a Brady led Patriots team, they have gone 4-2 and two of those losses were in final weeks of the season where the games were meaningless to the Patriots. In those games, Tom threw for 11 touchdowns with 1 Interception, and the last two of those games Tom threw for 4 TDs and no picks in each. Now I know things can change but Jim’s defensive philosophy stays the same, you can add better players, wrinkles here and there, but just as Tom did to a Dick Lebeau led team I think he will carve up this Eagles team once the train gets rolling for the Pats.

Another reason why I think the Pats will win is the way the defense has played of late, they have the fifth best scoring defense in the league (the Eagles having the fourth). I don’t take anything away from Nick Foles but I just don’t see him having the game of his life on Sunday, not against this team, not against Matt Patricia, and definitely not against Bill. I think that the Eagles will come out hot, there will be a lot of runs and check downs, with the occasional shot deep, but if they can’t keep it up after the half when the Patriots make their adjustments they will lose.

That’s the biggest downfall of teams who hold leads over the Pats at the half, they come out and try and do the same things that worked in the first half, or they will flat out go into clock management which stalls out there team allowing New England to creep back in, leaving them a door open. If the Eagles can build a solid lead and keep an offensive onslaught throughout four quarters they can win this game.

Finally, I see the New England Patriots winning this game decidedly, I don’t see a blowout but I also don’t believe it’ll be a nail-biter. My final score prediction is 35-24 New England.

35-24 New England.




I think it’s safe to say the majority of people are saying well you can’t really bet against the best coach-QB combo of all time so I’m going with the Pats. Well, no shit those two are great but that is a very lazy way to look at the game. First off I think it will be a very close game and I wouldn’t be surprised by either team edging the other out. To me, there are few key match-ups that stick out to me. First is the Patriots O-Line verse the Eagles D line.

I think this is a clear advantage to the Eagles as they got some bad boys in Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry, and Chris Long to name a few. What makes this group special is their ability to get to the quarterback while only rushing four. If they can continue this expect a lot of screens to backs and quick throws to Amendola. The Eagles run defense was also number one in the NFL so I do not expect Lewis to get much going on the ground. Lewis and Burkhead out of the backfield as a receiver could be X-factors in moving the ball when Brady is rushed or hurried.

Another key match-up is the Eagles Red Zone offense verse the Pats bend but doesn’t break defense. The Pats were just 29th in total yards allowed but only gave up the fifth fewest points which is a testament to the scheming of Patricia and Belichick when the other team nearly draws blood. I don’t see the Eagles struggling to move the ball much will a myriad of backs that can give blows like Ajayi and Blount and skill position players like Jeffrey, Ertz, and Agholor outside. I’m not worried about Foles in the least but when he gets into the red zone he can NOT turn the ball over, cough cough, Russel Wilson and cannot settle for too man field goals. If the Eagles score 3 touchdowns I see them winning the game. Let’s call it 27-24 Eagles. Fly Eagles Fly.

27-24 Eagles




As a Giants fan, this Super Bowl is terrible. It’s just about as bad as it gets. It’s the ultimate lose-lose situation for our fanbase. While that might make the game a little different to watch this year, it does provide a positive. I’m able to look at the game with a completely unbiased view. It makes it easier to take the emotion out of analyzing these two teams and this game.

First, I don’t see this game being too high scoring. I have the under in this game. I also see this game ending close no matter what. The Eagles have never won a super bowl and the Patriots have never won a Super Bowl by more than 6 and never lost one by more than 7. The Eagles defensive Front 7/8 is one of the best in football. Everyone knows the best recipe for beating Brady is getting consistent pressure on him. Something I think the Eagles can accomplish, for at least the first half. I think the Patriots will struggle to move the ball out of the gate. The Eagles, playing with that underdog moniker will come out fighting. I expect the Eagles to jump out to an early lead and take it into halftime, maybe as much as a 10-14 point lead, but halftime is where it all changes.

The Patriots and Bill will make all of their adjustments at halftime and come out in the second half well prepared to change their fortunes. Unless the Eagles can figure out an entirely different and equally successful gameplan in the second half, the Patriots and Brady will do what they do best. Make adjustments, eliminate the Eagles strengths and make a roaring comeback. If Foles and the Eagles defense can manage to hold them off, I’ll be impressed along with everyone else, but up to this point, the Giants are the only team to ever hold off a Brady Super Bowl comeback and I see it remaining that way.

There definitely is a world where the Eagles can continue this magical run and the Nick Foles we saw two weeks ago against Minnesota will show up. This Patriots team is beatable and the Eagles should know the recipe, it just comes down to execution and my ultimate confidence in their ability to complete that execution. Although I think this game hits the under and the Eagles still cover, the Patriots experience and a late 4th quarter score will ultimately give them the win.

Patriots 24 Eagles 20

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