Bleacher Bookies Best Bets: NFL Week 15 Edition

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Green Bay Packers Vs. Carolina Panthers (-3)

This one is simple and point blank. Aaron Rodgers is coming back and he needs to run the table to make the playoffs and he’s getting points. Take them every single time in that situation. Don’t overthink it. Don’t second guess it. TAKE. THE. POINTS.

Pick: Packers +3



Miami Dolphins At Buffalo Bills (-3)

WIth Tyrod Tayor coming back into the fold this week expect the Bills offense to get a much-needed surge. With their playoff hopes dangling, this is a must win at home for Buffalo. Between the expected let down form Miami after a surprising win against the Patriots last week and the inclement weather in Buffalo this time of year, the Bills shouldn’t have too much trouble covering a FG at home this week.

Pick: Bills -3



LA Rams At Seattle Seahawks (-3)

With Russel Wilson’s play doing a great job of masking the injured Seahawks defense, whos been lit up the last few weeks, I think this talented young Rams defense will step up and have a similar performance to what they did against Seattle in the first matchup this season. I expect Jared Goff to step up and get the win against a much weaker Seattle defense than the one he would have beat the first time around if it wasn’t for perfectly thrown dropped TD to win it. Gurley will get going early as I expect the Rams O-line to target Bobby Wagner in coverage and take him out of the game enough for Gurley to break through for a few big runs. If the Rams can control the pace this won’t be much of contest.

Pick: Rams +3



New England Patriots At Pittsburgh Steelers (+3)

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a team looking more forward to a regular season game than the Steelers are for this game. Anytime a team with the Steelers talent is getting three points at home you have to take a serious look. This line has ballooned from one to three because of the unlikeliness the Patriots deliver back to back duds. The thing is, the Patriots could play a great game a still come away with the loss against a team like the Steelers. The injuries on the defensive side of the ball for the Patriots aren’t being discussed enough. We know Bill Belichick tries to take away your best weapon, the problem is the Steelers have a few “Best Weapons.” Even if they can do the improbable and eliminate Brown and Bell, Juju and Bryant are enough talent to beat this likely depleted Pats team. Take the points at home for one of the toughest teams with the most motivation in one of the toughest places to play in the NFL.

Pick: Steelers +3



Tennessee Titans At San Francisco 49ers (-1.5)

The Tennessee Titans might be the worst team with a winning record this late in the season I’ve ever seen. They’re just flat out not a good football team and have been skating by all hear on close wins against shitty teams. Mariotta is questionable with a knee injury. Even with him, the Titans aren’t great, without him they’re completely fucked. The only time the Titans scored more than 24 points in a game since week 3 was against the awful Colts. The Niners, on the other hand, have looked like a whole new team with Jimmy G under center. On a little winning streak of their own, at home and a really bad football team coming into visit lay the points and watch the Niners come away with a convincing win.

Pick: 49ers -1.5


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