Bleacher Fan Guide To Betting The NFL Draft Props

Now that we have released our 2017 NFL First Round Mock Draft it’s time for the fun stuff. Ah, yes the betting props. If you’re like me, (and I hope you are), you love to bet on absolutely ridiculous things, such as the draft. The NFL draft to boot with the NBA draft is the best reality television there is. Truly nobody ever knows what is going to happen. So why no bet on it? Some people are fearful of the unknown, I don’t like those people. The unknown is fun and exciting to me. P.S we got all our lines from BetOnline. We went through and selected the ones that we like the best. Enjoy.


Christian McCafferty O/U 12.5 Pick: Under (-105)

Love the value here too, think it’s very likely Cafferty doesn’t see anywhere near 12/13. Fournette should go around 4 and if not the Panthers will take him at 8. If he does go at 4 like we have in our Mock Draft, the Panthers should take him to complement Stewart. Also if Fourennete does go to Panthers, I see the Saints taking Caff at 11 to compliment the newly added AP. Caff would be a perfect compliment and huge addition to the passing offense out of the backfield and in the slot for the Saints. Take the under big time.


Patrick Mahomes O/U 24.5 Pick: Over (+145)

Really love this one, especially on value. Love Mahomes great arm, but we have him going at 25, so we like the over here. Watson and Tribisky should go to the Bills and Cleveland at 10 and 12. Then the only other teams that really could take a QB are the Cardinals or the Broncos, however, they have other needs. The Cardinals could use a pick to heir the throne of Carson Palmer, but not a first rounder, they need a receiver especially with Floyd gone and Fitzgerald getting up there. Doesn’t matter who the Broncos have at Qb if they can’t protect him they will go O-line as well. Great value at +145.


Jamal Adams O/U Pick 5.5, Pick: Under (-160)

The value isn’t amazing here but there’s no way Adams makes it past five. I just don’t see it. We and many experts have him going at #3 to the Bears whose porous secondary needs him terribly. The Jaguars could even take him at #4 and same could be said for the Titans at #5. Take the under and the free money.


First Wide Reciever Taken, Pick: Corey Davis (+275)

We like this pick based on value. Although many have Mike Williams going first overall he’s not a shoe-in, at -200 not much value there. In our Mock Draft, we have Corey Davis being the first WR taken at #13 by the Cardinals. Deservedly so too, Davis is the only receiver in FBS history to be in the top 5 in catches, yards and Td’s. An explosive big play receiver who arguably may have more talent than Williams.


#3 Overall, Pick: Jamal Adams S (+400)

Tremendous value here. Go back to Under 5.5 for Adams above. At +400 he is far from a lock but without a doubt plausible that he could be taken here.


T.J Watt Taken First Round Yes/No Pick: Yes (+100)

I can’t see Watt falling out of the first round. Especially after his insane combine, which you know by the way outperformed his brother who’s pretty good last time I checked. His name value also doesn’t hurt him. Look for him to go sometime ion the last 6-7 picks of the first round.


O/U 4.5 Alabama Players Taken First Round Pick: Over (-110)

Vegas has this as a near coin flip, but hey even if so I’m taking Bama. They bread defense, seriously. There are a bunch of locks obviously such as Jonathan Allen, Reuben Foster, and O.J Howard. Then there are some really good players that fit bigtime needs for teams. Those players being Cam Robinson who in a weak O-line class should go in the first round and who the Seahawks desperately need. The other being Marlon Humphrey who is one of the top three or four corners in this draft and could go to many teams who see this position as a need.


RB’s taken in the first round O/U 2.5 Pick: Over (-300)

This may not seem like great value but it is. McAfferty and Fourentte are studs and will both be in top 10-12. Also, Dalvin Cook has fallen in many boards but he’s not falling out of the first round. Not someone as talented as him. Especially with a team like the Packers at the end of the first round, they’ll snatch him. Also who know’s someone might take Joe Mixon, a first round talent who has his baggage. Take the free money, I know I am.


#2 Overall Pick, Pick: Miles Garrett (+650)

This is a straight value pick. These are the things that are good to notice when scouring a book for value. While we think, like most, that Garrett will go number one overall. Schefter has reported the Browns are strongly considering Trubisky at #1 overall. While Miles Garrett is the clear number one talent in the draft, there’s a decent chance the Browns reach here and take a QB at #1 overall. Garrett would then be an absolute lock to go number two overall the Niners. So sure, you could take Trubisky +475 to be the top pick, or you could take Garrett at +650 to be the second pick, because if Mitch goes one, Garrett is free money at two.


Number of SEC players drafted in the first round, O/U 10.5 Pick: Over 10.5 (-195)

It’s the SEC, this is easy money. Just take it.


Tail along, Best of luck. We equate the NFL Draft to filling out a March Madness bracket. If that’s any indication, we killed it on that, so we should have a pretty good night tomorrow. Sound off in the comments section with other bets you might like!



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