The Craziest Fans In College Basketball Come From A School You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I always have and always will at base level be an NBA over college basketball guy, but no NBA arena will ever beat a great college basketball environment. The passion from the fans truly is more significant in college. For college teams and athletics, especially football and basketball, the community and its fans feel a part of the team and the university.

Grand Canyon University has the best student section I’ve ever seen. They developed a reputation as such throughout the college basketball world. Their creativity, dedication, and synchronization are downright impressive. The reasons so many historic college programs like Kansas, Duke, Syracuse and Kentucky as prime examples, have such passionate fanbases is that there are usually no professional teams in the area. The big universities are the highest level of athletics they have access to. In many towns and small cities, nearly everyone who lives in the town is in one way or another associated with the school.

Grand Canyon University seems to be no different in that regard. Last time I checked, the Grand Canyon and the areas surrounding it weren’t exactly a booming metropolis.

Overall Kudos to this crowd and these kids. Being dubbed the best student section in college basketball is a title not to be messed around with. Keep owning it well Grand Canyon University.

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