D’Angelo Russell’s Twitter Fingers Show He’s Not Happy That Magic Johnson Traded Him

Well in case you missed it, The Snitch himself D’Angelo Russell was shipped off to Brooklyn by Magic Johnson in a deal to clear cap space for Bron Bron next summer. Naturally, in true snitch fashion, Russell took to Twitter to send out his thoughts. He didn’t tweet it though, he didn’t just say it outright. He went super subtweet mode and liked something about Magic.

Straight up though, that tweet is downright hilarious. At least he liked a great tweet instead of same lame ass one from some asshole former D-1 athlete with a name spelled with half emojis.

Honestly though what did Russell expect? He thinks he was just going to get away with the whole Nick Young thing with a simple apology and guilt, nope. You know what you get D’Aneglo, you get banished to Brooklyn. A place where you’re instantly the best player and no one is good enough to call you out on your shit. The New York media might not be too ffun Then again they’ve basically forgotten the Nets exist. Too busy making up stories about Phil Jackson trying to trade the best thing to happen to the Knicks since Patrick Ewing.

Russell has been walking the plank since the day he took that video. Although if you’re going to get relegated out of Los Angeles, there are a lot worse places you could have ended up than Brooklyn. At least you’re still in New York. Have to double check on this, but I think you might be able to have some fun as an early 20 something millionaire in NYC? Think about it this way, you could’ve been sent to Indiana. Do you know what Indiana does better than New York that interests young millionaire athletes? Nothing, literally not one thing.

I kinda hope D’Angelo just stays liking all funny negative Magic Johnson tweets all season long. Holds the biggest grudge. Seriously, D’Angelo, we’ll get you in on a podcast one day. Can’t imagine you’ll have many people looking to get your name out there.

P.S. We now live in a world where Nick Young somehow survived being traded over a coveted third year former #2 overall pick. Yes, Swaggy P.


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