Don’t Let Phil Jackson Idiocies Let You Forget Who’s Still The Real Problem With The Knicks

If you’ve been on the internet this evening then you know about the shit storm currently brewing in New York City right now. Not the NBA Draft, but Phil Jackson is fielding offers for Kristaps Porzingis. Yes the unicorn, the best thing to happen to the Knicks since Patrick Ewing. But 21-year-old 7-foot 3-inch Latvian god’s just grow on trees apparently these days.

Phil Jackson is in the middle of a downward spiral in the eyes of Knicks fans. There really is no coming back from the damage he’s already done honestly. Short of having a 2010 Miami Heat type offseason this summer, which is as close to impossible as it gets, Phil’s time in New York is a ticking time bomb.

Now with Phil it’s not about the actual transactions he’s made, it’s more about his affect on the team in the other areas. The way he treats players and handles issues. The type of quotes he gives to the media, always saying that one thing that goes just a little too far or reveals just a little too much information. It’s the same thing with the Porzingis deal. Despite many false reports, the Knicks weren’t openly shopping KP, they received calls and answered. As any GM should. There are also numerous reports saying The Knicks want either 2 first rounders and a solidified starter or vice versa. Obviously, I still say no to that, but if you start getting in a range higher than that, you have to at least listen.

All in all, though, Phil is showing he’s becoming old and petty. He’s demanded respect while not providing any to others. That’s my problem with Phil. It’s not necessarily what he does, but the manner in which he does it. I don’t think KP gets traded, not even Phil can be that dumb. There will be riots outside MSG. I mean that quite literally. They had to shut down traffic on 7th Avenue after word spread throughout the city of the Oakley incident. 7th Avenue outside MSG is four lanes wide, this is no side street. This is practically a highway with traffic lights.

After all of this, all of these ill-advised moves and words and rumors, Phil Jackson isn’t the problem. The Knicks biggest problem is the same problem it has been for the past twenty years, James Dolan. James Dolan has once again weaseled his way into fucking Knicks fans every which way.

Dolan’s insecurities run so deep and he is so hated amongst Knicks fans that he couldn’t take it anymore. After years of meddling in basketball decisions, he finally gave up full control to Phil Jackson. Jackson at the time was thought to be saving the Knicks, finally, the Zen Master can take control from Dolan. Fast forward three years and Jackson has become a beacon of criticism, some unwarranted, but mostly justified. The beacon part is the main point.

Dolan no longer has to deal with the criticism. He no longer has to take all the blame. He is being protected by the shield of Phil’s bad decisions. He’s not keeping Phil around because he believes in him, he’s doing it because Phil protects his fragile and pathetic psyche. That’s no excuse though. Dolan is still the owner and can still call the shots. He sees what’s happening, he sees how poorly the team has done under Phil. Yes, tomorrow is definitely brighter than yesterday. But you know why? Because they have the 7-foot 3-inch Latvian Prince.

As Knicks fans we need to stop letting the buck stop at Phil Jackson, we need to go back to realizing who the real enemy is and always has been. James Dolan. Dolan needs to stop hiding behind Phil he needs to step up and do what Knicks fans thought they would never dream of, Fire Phil Jackson.

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