DeMarcus Cousins Emotional Speech After Being Traded Gives You All The Feels


Boogie Cousins, Mr. Misunderstood. If you didn’t believe that the guy was truly was happy staying in Sacramento for the remainder of his career, then you do now. Although I know Boogie has to in some ways be happy to heading to New Orleans. It’s the closest NBA franchise to his childhood home of Mobile, Alabama. He’s walking into a great basketball situation and c’mon lets be honest…New Orleans > Sacramento in just about every way. Oh, what’s that? New Orleans has hurricanes you say? You ever see one of those California earthquakes? Yea, no thanks on one of those. That’s at best a draw for Sacramento.

All that being said this was hard to watch. Boogie clearly has a genuine connection with that city and the people of Sacramento. It really makes you wonder how inaccurately he’s covered by Sacramento reporters. Sure we see his outbursts, the cameras are always rolling for those, but do people ever take a step back to think what provoked that? I’m not excusing his behavior at all times. He’s made some dumb moves for sure, no matter the context. But has he really done anything so terrible? Surely not terrible enough to warrant the reputation he’s developed for himself? In this mess of a sports world, it’s often easy to forget these players are people as well. They have lives and emotions and favorites and vendettas. Demarcus just showed his in a more emphatic less socially accepted manner. In this video, the humble giant with a loud attitude shows us exactly how genuine and ultimately misunderstood he actually is, though he’s shown us plenty before, we just never bothered to notice.

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