DJ Khaled Continuously Shouts Out Miami During NBA All-Star Weekend Performance, In Other News NBA All-Star Weekend Is In New Orleans

DJ Khaled performed tonight at the NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans. One issue, DJ Khaled clearly was unaware of the city he was performing in. Check the video below:

DJ Khalid just seems to be getting more and more clueless by the day. He just seems so out of it at all times. I guess that’s the result of the care-free lifestyle he promotes. It feels like he’s a teenager stuck in a massive adult’s body. I don’t even really understand Khaled’s performances anyways. He’s a producer, why is he all of a sudden on stage signing other people’s words. He’s clearly not an experienced performer. This weekend was also rescheduled from Charlotte to New Orleans, so he didn’t even mistake it for the former location. Khaled just traveling the world always dreaming of being at home in Miami. God Bless Khaled. Major key.

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