Heartwarming 14 Year-Old Jarrius Robertson With Liver Disease Is The Real MVP of All-Star Weekend

Last night watching the “Celebrity” All-Star Game in New Orleans was dreadful, to say the least. However, there was one bright spot who shined brighter the anyone and that was Jarrius Robertson. Jarrius is 14 and appears very small in stature for his age because of a liver disease called biliary atresia. But that’s the only thing small about Jarrius, who’s been a fighter his whole life and has a personality as big as say Draymond Green. In fact here are Green and Jarrius fooling around on the sidelines like two characters.

Man, I don’t know where to start with this video, if that doesn’t warm your heart somethings wrong. I absolutely love Jarrius’ facial expression when he is thinking about executing the trade with Green. Then after Green says that he took too long he calls Draymond fake. That is so rich. These two characters are better than half the comedies I’ve seen. They’re so genuine and honest. “I don’t like your team” Jarrius to Green. Man, he has some audacity and I love it. Most kids his age would kiss Draymond’s ass and be left speechless in awe. Not Jarrius though, he is just being real with Green and it’s hysterical.

Now for the SHOT! In a game where none of these “so called” celebrities could hit a shot for their life, Jarrius drains his first and only! Hell yes, Jarrius I love the confidence, I love the swagger, and I love Jairus. It almost doesn’t even surprise me knowing Jarrius’ background and his straight forward demeanor.

Jarrius’ story is a sad one, yet inspiring. When he was just one year old Jairus underwent a liver transplant to get rid of his aforementioned chronic liver disease. Unfortunately, Jarrius was put into a coma for a year. Remember when I said Jarrius is a fighter? I wasn’t lying, he made it. The disease has significantly hurt his growth but hasn’t prevented him from conquering life’s challenges.

Jarrius Robertson has been a true inspiration and riot both on and off the court. Jarrius is the life of All-Star Weekend and there’s no bigger star. He has even taken his talent to the press conference room, where he interviewed the biggest stars not named Jarrius Robertson. Here he is a highlight reel of Jarrius being Jarrius and its worth every second.

A great heartwarming story and unexpected pleasant surprise for us all. We’re all rooting for you Jarrius, keep living your life to the fullest and conquering anything and everything in your path. If you would like to hear more about Jarrius, his story or his foundation go to his website “It takes lives to save lives”.

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