Isiah Thomas Sets Bar Higher Now Wants to Become Best Player Ever

Boston Celtics Point guard Isiah Thomas is incredible, to say the least. Standing at just 5 feet 9 inches you would think Thomas would be a role player at the MOST. But nope, Thomas enters NBA All-Star weekend as the NBA’s second-leading scorer at 29.9 points per game. Thomas has widely surpassed almost everyone expectations, including his own.

In an interview regarding All-Star weekend, Thomas said: “My goal was, last year, to be the greatest little guy ever to play the game.” But Tomas wasn’t done there. He would go onto to say “Now, things moving like they are, I want to be the greatest player to ever play. I know I’ve got a long way to go. I’m not even close, but you’ve got to shoot high”

Look I’m all for setting the bar high and proving the haters wrong. I love the passion and the heart that the little man plays with. But seriously Isiah…? You want to be the best player EVER? Last time I checked Michael Jordan is the greatest player ever. Just checked, yup, he’s still the greatest ever. So Thomas wants to better then Jordan is what he’s saying. Yeah and I want to marry Helen Owen,(look up if you don’t know her you’ll thank me later), but it’s just not going to happen. You have to be realistic or else you sound like an idiot just blabbering away spewing shit. In fact, he’s not even the greatest Isiah Thomas of all time! That’s not even a debate.

I know what you’re thinking wow, what an asshole. He’s trying to bring Thomas down and crush little boys dreams everywhere. But not at all. I think he’s a great example to kids that you can achieve almost anything if you put your mind to it and work hard. Great story. But sorry not sorry I’m a realist. Wanna hear something that will blow you off your rocking chair? According to Chris Broussard, Isiah Thomas is 441/441 in defensive player efficiency. Yup, dead last. There’s not a single defender in the NBA worse than him statistically. Take a moment to let that sink in for all you stubborn Bostonians.

Now that you’re settled and hopefully recovered you see how ridiculous this is. It’s quite literally impossible to be the best player ever if you’re the worst defender of your era. Jordan was the greatest not only because of his offense but also his lockdown D. Jordan won defensive player of the year in 1988 and was NBA All-Defensive First Team nine times. Would like to see the guy improve his defense, but being 5″9 you can only be so good on D. This argument also goes for anyone who says he’s the MVP, that’s a joke as well. If you score 35 on offense and you give up 40, that’s not good. That’s awful. Isaiah, you’ve had a hell of a year, but come back to earth buddy.

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