End The Night With Draymond Green’s Historic Triple Double

If I told you Draymond Green had four points, you would probably think he had a bad night, right? Nope, dead wrong. In fact, Green made history Friday night recording the first triple double in NBA history without scoring ten points. Perhaps the most packed and versatile stat line I’ve ever seen Green had 4 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists, 10 STEALS, and 5 blocks. That’s right, 10 steals, and he plays center for them, Christ. Green even had a little block party tonight, a measly five for the 6”7 anchor. It seems so weird that he compiled all the hardest categories and only scored four points. You almost want to just be like really, seriously Dray, couldn’t have mad another layup or two and got to the line? But nope, Green plays within himself and lets the game come to him like no other. Draymond Green is the human swiss army knife on the basketball court, there’s nothing he can’t do. I love the passion, I love the versatility, and I love this four-point performance.

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