Guide to Picking the West Region of the NCAA Bracket

Best Bet or Worst Bet to win West Region

As everyone knows the best month of sports is about to be in full throttle. March Madness starts tomorrow and I can’t be more excited. Just be taking a quick glance at the bracket the West Region really wouldn’t jump out to anyone because honestly, Xavier is the one seed. If you are betting person the safest bet to do is to bet on North Carolina or Gonzaga to win the West region. It’s a safe bet even though I have them losing but I will get into that later. You can say what you want but any college basketball fans were not happy Xavier was a one seed. As you can tell I don’t think Xavier is as good as people think. Xavier being the one seed I think will trigger many upsets. If you are betting on one team not making the final four in this region bet on Xavier.


Best Player in the West Region

Lets first start with the player that will make the most impact people might have forgotten about him but I didn’t. Michael Porter is the best player and will make the biggest impact in this region. will tell everyone this Michael Porter will be a problem. He will show everyone, I mean everyone, exactly how good he is. If you think Steph Curry put on a performance in the tournament just wait for Michael Porter.


Most Over- Seeded and Under-Seeded Teams

Every headline after Michael Porter went down 90 seconds into his first game said Missouri is done but boy did they prove people wrong. They had impressive wins against Texas A&M, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee. They have been battle tested all year. Missouri plays Florida State in the first round and I think it will be a great game but Missouri will prevail. I think Porter will prove to the world why he is a lottery pick. Missouri playing in a tough SEC will help them grind out this win. I think Missouri is the most under-seeded team and by no surprise, I think Xavier is the most over-seeded team


Sleeper for the First Round and Sleeper with a chance to make it to the final four

I also think Missouri will go on to beat Xavier in the round of 32 to as well. I think in this game and you can lock it in Michael Porter will put on a performance of a lifetime and put the team on his back. He will make crucial shots in crunch time. As everyone knows there is always one 12 seed over 5 seed upset. I think the West Region will have one of these upsets. South Dakota State will upset Ohio State. South Dakota State is very underrated and I think were under-seeded. This Cinderella run won’t last for long because they will lose to Gonzaga in the round of 32. South Dakota State is the sleeper for just the first round and Missouri is the sleeper with the best chance to make it to the Final Four.


How the West Region will play out and who will win

A lot of peoples hot takes so far has been Michigan making it to at least the elite 8 which makes sense because they have been so hot but I think people are overlooking the team that will beat them in the round of 32 and that is Houston. Houston, in my opinion, is the most underrated team in the region. They beat Wichita State twice and Cincinnati once. They also didn’t lose a home game all year! Now moving on to the bottom half of the bracket and we have providence who went on an insane run toward the end of the year and I really don’t understand why Providence is only a 10 seed. I think they will upset Texas A&M and move on to the round of 32 to play the North Carolina Tar Heels. I think they will struggle a lot in this tournament. It was a cute little win they had against Duke but this team isn’t last years team. They just don’t have the same talent. I think Providence will upset them in the round of 32.

Lets now move on to the sweet 16 matchups. We have Missouri vs Gonzaga. I don’t think Missouri’s run will stop here I think they will find a way to beat the Zags. Once again because Michael Porter will go off and continue a fantastic run. Then we have Houston and Providence. I think this will be one of the best games of the tournament but Providence will find a way to pull it off. They have been more battle tested and the moment will become too big for Houston. Then the Elite 8 matchup will be Providence vs Missouri which is my two biggest sleepers in the region and I think Missouri will take it and move on to San Antonio to the Final Four.

I understand these are very bold predictions but keep in mind its called March Madness for a reason. But do not except North Carolina to go that far, don’t buy into Michigan so quickly, and don’t sleep on Providence. I also PROMISE everyone Xavier will not make the Final Four. That is my lock for this region. I will tell everyone this Michael Porter will be a problem.  It is going to be a fantastic tournament and I can’t be more excited.

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