I’m Pretty Sure O.J. Simpson Admitted to Murder

So last night Fox aired a two-hour-long special that was centered around an O.J. Simpson interview form 2006. This interview was primarily about his book If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer, which was commissioned by Judith Regan, who also was the interviewer.

Basically, Regan did what good journalists do, she asked questions to a guy who she knew would just babble and hang himself on every word, while remaining nonjudgmental and appearing to be on his side. It worked like a charm.

The Juice went on long tangents trying to paint himself as a good guy and just misunderstood. It started off asking about the start of his relationship with his now slain ex-wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson, which started when she was just 18 years old and O.J. was still married to the mother of his children.

When asked about incidents of domestic violence prior to the murders, he joked and laughed saying that he was not a bad guy and he felt the media portrayed him negatively without knowing all the facts.

Well, one incident they highlighted, in particular, was when he bashed in the windshield of his wife’s car with a baseball bat while she was in the car. But O.J. in his usual Juice fashion said that he was leaning against the car with a baseball bat between his legs, bouncing it off the tire and accidentally hit the rim. When Nicole said, “You’re gonna pay for any damages, I hope you know that” the Juice proceeded to smash the hood and say, “I guess I’ll be paying for that too.”

In all reality, he indeed smashed the windshield while she was in the car and of course when the police came, got away with it because I mean c’mon it was the late 80’s and he was O.J., the people loved the man.

When asked about stalking allegations when they were separated in the early 90’s, O.J. said he never stalked Nicole and then proceeded to detail a scenario where he committed the very definition of stalking, to a T.

He said he went to her house after he had seen her out at a club because he was trying to “get some” and saw her with another person through the window engaging in some kind of sexual act. He then banged on the door and left.

Creeping outside your separated wife’s house and peeping through windows on her banging another guy and then banging on the door and leaving, definitely not stalking…just kidding it is 1000000% stalking.

And now it gets even better, he then decided to confront Nicole about it and admit to the stalking, saying he saw her through the window and felt like he had a right to know she was shacking up with another guy. These were all very big red flags that he was maybe, definitely going to kill this lady.

I don’t know why he was so mad, he was busy diving headfirst into Kris Jenner’s bed the whole time. That’s right people Kris Jenner and the Juice, I love this picture of her at the trial with her new man, while her old man defends her side piece.

Notice Kris’ wandering hand while sitting there between Robert and the Juice.

Here she is sitting with her new guy (or girl? I’m not really sure ) at the trial.

All while the guy she used to be married to and was responsible for the insufferable Kardashian girls defended the guy who definitely killed her best friend Nicole.

Then things got even more interesting, Judith Regan asked him to detail the night of the murders as if he “hypothetically did it.”

The Juice, in the charismatic way he has about him, went on to “hypothetically” explain driving to her house in that famous white Ford Bronco, grabbing a knife from under the seat, entering the yard through the back gate with a guy named Charlie. Yup, in his hypothetical killing of his ex-wife there was definitely an accomplice named Charlie. Then, as they were outside a man, none other than the also soon to be butchered Ron Goldman, came in through the back gate to return glasses that had been left at a restaurant Nicole had been at earlier in the night.

Next, O.J. said the two of them began to argue and that’s when Nicole came outside and a fight broke out. The Juice said the next thing he knew he pulled the knife out and then “he can’t really remember what happened after that.” Next thing he knows, the yard and walkway are covered in blood and there’s two dead bodies.

So what does the Juice hypothetically do next? Head back to the mansion on Rockingham and dispose of the evidence. He parks the Bronco on the street behind his house, jumped the fence, cleaned up and got in the limo waiting out front for him to take a plane to Chicago for some appearance he had.

Well shit, I’m pretty sure he just confessed to killing these two. I think we can all agree this guy definitely did it. How he got off in the first place is still baffling. The prosecution made so many mistakes in building their case against Simpson, they honestly didn’t deserve to win.

Johnny Cochran and his smooth talking, alliteration using, litigating ass found every hole in their case and exploited it to no end. Let’s also be clear race had so much to do with it. In a time where the LAPD was being roasted left and right for the mistreatment of African-American’s throughout the city, the Rodney King incident, the Mark Fuhrman tapes that came out during the trial, the race card was their ace up the sleeve.

Since he was already tried for the murders and acquitted, he can’t be tried for the charges again, so realistically he could just flat-out admit to the killings, and he basically did. I’m surprised Nicole and Ron’s parents haven’t killed the Juice yet. All Ron Goldman’s father would have to do is kiss the guy and smother him with his enormous mustache.

The good thing about this whole interview is that we can all agree now this smug prick definitely killed these two and has been living scot-free, minus a short 9-year stint in prison for armed robbery. Since his release in October from prison he has been popping up random places and just being himself, women on both arms, that iconic O.J. smile, just living it up.

I’ll leave you with this piece of advice, hide your daughters, hide your wives, hide anyone you care about because the Juice is loose once again and who knows who he decides to kill and eventually get away with next.

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