LeBron Gets His Wish, Cavs Sign Veteran Guard Derron Williams

Now that it’s finally official we can say Derron Williams has signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron gets his wish again. He asked for a playmaker and they got one and then some. I wrote earlier this year if the Cavs couldn’t get Lance Stephenson they should get Derron Williams. I love Lebron but this one fell right on his lap perfectly. LeBron owes Mavs owner Mark Cuban dinner for this one. Sheesh, things just got interesting.

Can you blame Derron Williams though? There’s only really two teams that can win it barring crazy injury. Three, if you count the Spurs. Only makes sense for a veteran like Williams with no rings to hop on one of those trains to me. I know he wants to go back to the Utah Jazz and I’m sure he will next season. This is simply a short-term signing for both teams. Williams has his first real shot at a ring while contributing. Then this gives the Cavs, mainly LeBron, the playmaker he was pleading for. Also, Derron Williams will be wearing #31 which is just great. 31. 3-1. I’m sure you get it. Williams really snailed the Warriors on this one. Dub for D-Will.

But this is really all about the Finals and how it affects the dynamic of it. I love this trade because although it’s troubling to see Lebron almost always get what he wants. BUT, this makes the Finals 10x more interesting and gives the Cavs a serious playmaker. Williams is still averaging 13.1 points and 6.8 assists a game. It doesn’t seem too long ago that there was a Williams-Paul argument for the top point guard in the league. Although not what he once was Williams has the ability to suck in the defense and dish to shooters like Korver, Smith, and Love. Let’s not forget about Love and Smith, two huge components for the Cavs should be back in the next month or so.

Yes we already know the Finals matchup, let’s not play ourselves. But we should all be excited as basketball fans for this move and the matchup. The move solidifies the Cavs in the Finals, especially with Boston not making any moves. It also means the series will be longer than we think and it wouldn’t shock me to see Cavs in 7. Warriors are still the favorites and deservedly so. But the Cavs are loading up, I also expect them to sign ex-Warrior Andrew Bogut, who was just released from the Sixers after being acquired at the trade deadline. Did I mention there’s never been the same Finals matchup three years in a row? Love it or hate it, we’re witnessing something special and should not take that for granted. Enjoy the show.

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