LeBron is Celebrating His Arrival in LA by Throwing a Pizza Party…For Himself

Oh, you haven’t been to a pizza party in a minute LeBron? You know why that is? Because no one wants to invite people to Pizza Parties who are the type of people to throw Pizza Parties for themselves. It’s not a good look. Yeah, that little detail of this whole thing seems to be going completely by the wayside. LeBron James is a part owner of Blaze Pizza. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, every move LeBron makes is calculated in some way. It’s one of the biggest reasons he’s so insufferable. So, of course, he’s throwing himself a pizza party all while promoting his own business all under the ruse of being a good guy. This is why half of LeBron’s fans follow him blindly like sheep, he’s got them all hypnotized.

We lost LeBron on social media for a while for Zero Dark 23 (although not really since he posted a bunch of stuff on Instagram throughout the playoffs) but he’s back in time to trick his fans into lining his pockets. Yes, I’m aware the Pizzas are free, but you’re crazy if this stunt isn’t a net positive in Bron Bron’s pockets. I suppose you cant hate on making money, but I sure as hell can hate on throwing a Pizza Party for yourself and all the stupid ass fans who don’t even realize it.

This is the world we have allowed him to create. Can’t wait to see him promoting the 20 shitty movies he’ll have cameos in the next 4 years and the subsequent LeBron stans who say something along the lines of “Kobe’s got an Oscar and LeBron don’t? That shits just as rigged as the NBA”.

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