Levi Jones Really Pushing The Limits With National Signing Day Prank, Other Notables


Another year another national signing day. The unofficial start and Christmas Day for college football fans. Every year 17-year-olds around the country announce their choice of which high-powered football program they will become a part of next season. National Signing Day marks the deadline for players to make their commitments, so while a large portion of these players have already made their decisions prior to signing day, many wait for a number of reasons, mainly attention.

Over the years as these announcements have become massive spectacles, players have tried to get creative with their announcements, a little last minute tease, a last little hit of that oh so addictive drug known as power before they reveal their choice. Some hide their choice under a table, some put their top three choices on a table and pick one and some even utilize props and friends.

Levi Jones here, well he decided to bring it to another level. He didn’t do the simple wave the hand over the different hats, he straight Honeydicks two top programs. How pissed are you if you’re a Florida or Florida Sate fan. Up until this point when a kid rips off his sweater revealing a school’s logo that’s it, that’s his choice. Nope not Levi Jones, by old standards this kid declared three times. By the time he gets to USC, where he’s ACTUALLY going to play football, he’s already become the boy who cried wolf. Even the crowd in the room stays silent with confusion until he gets on the microphone. They just went through a dishwasher of emotions while watching Levi commit to 3 schools in a matter of 30 seconds.

Yea…someone is gonna be in for a real big surprise when he gets off that plane in shorts and a tank top trying to decide if he’s more excited for the white powder on south beach or the one up his nose. Aubrey here getting his M’s confused. Apparently he’s been a Michigan commit for a while, but nevertheless, it’s never a good look when you say the wrong name of the school that just gave you a full ride scholarship. Not a good academic outlook for the self-proclaimed “Harvard of the Midwest.” Jim Harbough’s the new sheriff in town and he was brought in to win football games. For him, A’s don’t make plays. Shooters gonna shoot.

Naturally, this headline is going to bring you in, pretty much anytime you tell me something “happened in space” I’m all in. No idea how this was gonna play out, but I had to get to the bottom of it. Watched it, what a freaking let down. He didn’t even leave the ground. You can’t say you’re going to commit from space and legit never even get to the height of a two-story house. This was a generic ass drone balloon video we’ve seen a million times. Cordarrian just has some graphics superimposed over the video and that counts as committing from space? That’s like saying you were at the Super bowl when in reality you just FaceTimed with someone at the Super Bowl. Next time you pull some shit like that, your ass better at least be in a hot air balloon.


These are just a few of the more memorable ones from the day, there’s a boatload of them in total. I’m sure these guys twitter mentions were all fantastic today. Filled with powerless 17 hear olds berating 17-year-olds abusing power. The internet is a magical place and National Signing Day is a magical day.

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